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Zwolle – Also this year, around 600 students from ArtEZ University of the Arts show who they are and what they stand for in their graduation work. They present this thesis to the world in dance and theater performances, concerts, exhibitions and fashion shows. The ArtEZ 2022 finals thus form the stage for the next group of ArtEZ graduates. The finals take place until the summer holidays, in different places in the Zwolle region, as well as in Arnhem and Enschede, and are open to everyone.

The ArtEZ finals attract many visitors each year. During the corona crisis, this happened mostly online, this year most of the presentations will again take place physically. Thom Wildeboer, Director ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design Zwolle: “Our graduates have been working towards this for four years; not always easy in corona time. I am all the more proud of the incredible result that our latest harvest of artists has managed to achieve. Specialties this year, perhaps more than ever, focus on people and society. Relevant and inspiring for everyone. So from art lover to casual passerby, we cordially invite you to admire the exhibition in our Academy of Art & Design.

Conservatory and Theater Teacher

In addition to the finals at the Academy of Art & Design, there will also be finals at the conservatory and the Theater in Education program in Zwolle. Rob Kramer, Director of the ArtEZ Conservatory: “The final period is the finishing touch to four years of study. During the finals, you can discover the students in their natural habitat. Field of work, family and everyone else who wants to: Come and look at the pop stage or the theater hall.

Maritska Witte, director ArtEZ Academy of Theater and Dance: “Challenged by a pandemic in half of their training time, this group of students kept finding new solutions to keep making, teaching, and performing. This new generation of creators, artists and educators is very socially involved. They enter the cultural field full of fire and with a suitcase full of skills and insight.

See the complete final agenda via, go directly to the overview of the finals in the city of Zwolle, or select the events within a specific discipline:

Also visit the final online

A vivid impression of the students’ work can be found at, for example via the history page; also useful for interested parties who can not participate in the final. Those interested can also keep an eye on the hashtag #artezfinals on social media. The ArtEZ Instagram account is taken over by one of the final students a couple of times a week. In this way, not only the final presentations, but also the students’ experiences can be followed.

More information

For more information about ArtEZ and the ArtEZ finals:

About ArtEZ
ArtEZ University of the Arts is home to a diverse, international community of students, teachers and researchers who find room for artistic, intellectual and personal growth with us. Art binds us. Art encourages innovative ideas and alternative ways of thinking. Our motto is: art is changing. Art is changing. With inspiring art education at the bachelor’s and master’s level and leading artistic research, ArtEZ creates the place where you can make a difference, in art and in society. The ArtEZ academies are located in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle.

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle teaches students to create work that establishes a connection between their own way of thinking and living, the individuality and history of the subject and the social context in which they practice the subject. In this way, we help our students to become active and critical citizens with an artist mission . The academy offers education in interior architecture, visual arts and design.

ArtEZ Conservatory is one of the largest conservatories in the Netherlands and collaborates with a large number of conservatories inside and outside the EU. Within the three locations in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle, the atmosphere is friendly and small. There is a lot of personal attention and the lines are short. At the same time, students get the full benefit of the facilities and opportunities in a large conservatory.

ArtEZ Academy of Theater & Dance offers various courses in dance and theater in Arnhem and Zwolle, and is characterized by individual-oriented education. Development and strengthening of the students’ own artistic and cultural signature is reflected in all programs. Innovation, entrepreneurship and research are also themes that characterize the theater and dance courses.

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