Revue ‘Magnolia’ Highlight Little Daughters Party


LITTLE DAUGHTER / LOCHEM – Little Daughters Festival is approaching. The highlight of the party is the revue ‘Magnolia’, which is performed on 30 June and 1 July in the party tent at De Schole. Drama, live music, song and dance are combined. And, it’s a special tribute to the 60-year-old theater association ONA.

By Henri Bruntink

The flyer, which was handed out during Keidagen in Lochem, states, among other things, that it is a ‘current, social and critical topic’. It stimulates curiosity. But it still needs to be suppressed for a while, because the people involved are not willing to say too much about the content yet.

Author and director Ria Langeler believes that the audience should experience it during the performances. What can be revealed is that the story revolves around Ona, the main character. His life goes from birth to the age of 60, especially his struggle for justice and acceptance. The struggle of both parents is also penetratingly visible.

Does that sound a little heavy? “Absolutely not,” says Ria Langeler. “It is both a touching and humorous performance. There is a lot to laugh about, including an eccentric neighbor and a rather difficult cattle dealer. ” For the spectators, it is also a recognition party. For in terms of clothing as well as hairstyles and props, attempts have been made to capture the past decades. The band Sixp @ ck, complemented by guest singer Veronique Schut, provides the music that Brinio’s jazz dance group dances to.

something special
When asked why a Laren was asked by all people to write and direct the work, ONA’s Roelof Vrugteveen answered: “We wanted something special and unique in the anniversary year. Based on what she has set up in Laren in recent years, Ria seemed to us to be the right person, and that has already proven to be the case. ” Incidentally, the celebration of the association’s 60th anniversary has been delayed by two years due to the corona.

ONA’s revues have a long tradition. Until 2005, neighbor Gerrit Lueks often wrote the pieces. In recent years, writers who have or had ‘something’ with Klein Dochteren, such as Stef Marsman, Sander van Voorst and Gerwin Nijkamp, ​​have been sought. They also regularly toured the Lettelserevyen by taking over sketches from their revues. “It was really our kind of humor,” says Roelof Vrugteveen.

Ria Langeler got her first experience of entertainment at the Shahto musical in Laren. She says: “Then I was in the Bathmense revue, and I wrote for the Children’s Christmas Party in Laren. It was already a combination of drama, music and dance. Later I was asked to write for other projects, including ‘Albert Mol, the musical’ from the Apollo music association. From there, the desire to write a completely own piece grew. This led to my first ‘revusical’, a fusion of revue and musical. I like the combination. Music in particular creates emotions and deeper layers. ”

Mary Gosselink and Roelof Vrugteveen have seen members drop out of ‘Magnolia’ due to all sorts of conditions in recent years. ”By 2020, we could have filled this piece with our own people. Now it no longer works. We now have guest players from AEV from Exel, Laornse Spöllers, Krato from Kranenburg and from Players’ Group Linde “, it reads. In all, there are about 50 people on and behind the stage, including band, dance group, makeup artists, dressers, set designer, lighting and sound technicians.

Cozy chaos
On Thursday, all disciplines met for the first time in a particularly large rehearsal room in Klein Dochteren. “A first time like this always leads to chaos, but it’s also a lot of fun,” says Ria Langeler. And Roelof Vrugteveen adds: “That’s what it’s about for us. Coziness and attachment are very important. It is now even more expressed in the collaboration with other associations. And fortunately also with young people there. ”

On Tuesday 14 June, there will be a special ticket sales evening at Eetcafé de Zonnebloem on Zutphenseweg, from 19.00 to 21.00. Tickets for the performances on June 30 and July 1 then cost 15 euros. They cost 17.50 euros at the tent ticket office. The following also applies: gone = gone.

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