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According to the jury for NBD Biblion Gouden Strop 2022, birds ø by Marion Pauw ‘written by a writer who knows how to draw the reader into a story that starts innocently but becomes more and more eerie. A book that jurors read in one go, which has a beautiful suspense and is hard to predict because of the originality of the story. ‘ In this newspaper, the winning thriller was awarded four stars by reviewer Paola van de Velde. She described the story as ‘spongy’ and commented: ‘After reading The Battle and the IJssel Delta will never be the same again.’ birds ø revolves around the rebellious teenager Marianne, who in all her anger decides to lead a secret life with a Pied Piper on the uninhabited Vogel Island in Ketelmeer. Amidst sea eagles, hawks and shrubs, they live a partially self-sufficient life in a semi-underground hut. It goes well until Marianne turns out to be pregnant and they have a baby.

second time

The author already in 2009 won the prize for his exciting book Daylight† That makes her the first female thriller writer to win the top thriller award twice. Of birds ø she defeated the other three nominees: Thomas Olde Heuvelt with OracleGerrit Barendrecht med The Russian connection and Bas Haan with Lenoir

The jury, led by jury chairman Martijn Bennis (director ANP), also consisted of Anne Terwisscha (NBD Biblion), Erik de Vries (freelance critic VN Detective & Thriller Guide), Monique de Heer (thriller critic Trouw) and Jacqueline Lamper (Toughest thriller seller in Holland 2021 ). ).

On the night of the exciting book, the Hebban Thriller Prize was also awarded to Anya Niewierra for her book Caminoen† This prize, created by the readership community Hebban.nl, has grown into three editions to become the most important reader jury prize for thrillers and is the only prize for exciting books where a readership plays a major role.

Unexpected turns

Got four and a half stars Caminoen by Paola van de Velde, who wrote in her review: ‘The author Anya Niewierra, Director General of the Zuid-Limburg Tourist Office in Everyday Life, won the Hebban Thriller Prize last year for her bestseller the flower girl, which sold more than 20,000 copies. With this sequel, the author once again surpasses himself. Caminoen is even more exciting, thanks to the various twists and turns, and even more layered by the historical facts it added. For besides a compelling and romantic story about a woman who wants to understand why her lover suddenly took her own life, this is also a moving and at times terrifying account of what happened during the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Reader community

More than a hundred members of the Hebban readership reviewed the longlist of fifteen originally Dutch thrillers. A ten-member jury of thrillers, consisting of booksellers, library staff and reviewers, read the five nominees and nominated the winner of the Hebban Thriller Prize 2022. Anya Niewierra also won the first edition of the Hebban Thriller Prize in 2020. The second nominated besides Niewierra was – again – again – Bas Haan with LenoirDominique Biebau med The mole partyMarion Peacock med birds ø and Eva Nagelkerke with The perfect angel

“‘Bas Haan takes that obstacle with apparent ease'”

Bas Haan, who with his thriller debut Lenoir was nominated for various awards, the NBD Biblion took home the Shadow Award. According to the jury, his book is a mature, balanced book where you do not for a moment have the idea that you have a debut in your hands. It gives a raw and realistic insight into the street violence of big cities. ‘ Our thriller reviewer Bertjan ter Braak was also very excited about this debut, which he rewarded with four and a half stars (out of five). He commented: ‘Bas Haan is no stranger to writing country, but until now it has always been about investigative journalism, where he received several awards for stories about, for example, Schiedammer Park, the murder case in Deventer, the case of receipts. and patients in the emergency room. . Lenoir is his first step on the path of fiction, though there is a different suspense in a thriller than in journalistic work. Haan takes that obstacle with apparent ease ‘

Haan received a check for € 1000 and a lithograph of ‘The Shadow’ by Daan Jippes.

Silver loop

Gouden Strop Foundation and Hebban.nl joined forces for the second time this year to organize Zilveren Strop. This writing competition on exciting stories was a great success last year and again this year received with no less than 121 entries a wonderful number of submitted stories. The story Below the water surface was declared the winner, and the author Marjolein van der Gaag – also a former colleague of De Telegraaf – received the top prize of € 500. The five best stories are gathered in an e-book that can only be downloaded from Hebban.

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