GMHK continues to collect signatures digitally

WAALWIJK – GMHK (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art) has asked sympathizers for signatures two afternoons at the center. Nearly 500 signatures were made. Now we give those who would like to write their signature, but were not able to do so those afternoons, the opportunity to do so digitally. This can be done at:

By collecting as many signatures as possible, we hope to show politicians that we mean something to the center of Waalwijk. We fit seamlessly into both the center vision and the municipality’s cultural vision. We ensure diversity in the center and bring visitors to the center in contact with contemporary art in an accessible way. We also give (young) artists the opportunity to exhibit their works. We also notice that people like to go in, not only to look around, but also because they want to have a chat. We like that talk.

In the 2.5 years we have been open (including 9 months of corona closure), we have attracted 8,300 visitors. We have also on several occasions been selfless hosts for the municipality and others. And that is why the booklet below:

Message to the Waalwijk politicians

GMHK has proven its strengths over the last 2.5 years, namely:

  1. At: making different types of art: Sculpture, Raw conceptual art, collage art, painting, naive art, installations, photography and more.
  2. At: a warm welcome from all possible visitors who, regardless of the reason, enter the GMHK spontaneously and for free (connection). 8300 Visitors open in 234 days, so an average of 35 visitors per. open day
  3. At: realizing an accessible, free introduction to contemporary art of any kind for all.
  4. At: setting up of surprising exhibitions.
  5. By: involving a number of guest exhibitors who are eager to exhibit at GMHK.
  6. At: the reliable management of a fund without losing money, due to oversized pants or poor management.
  7. At: establishment of a discipline in the Waalwijk Center that does not yet exist.
  8. By: organizing a place that must be affordable according to standards set by the bank.
  9. By: donating soul and bliss and full commitment from an artist collective to the Waalwijk Center.

Should the visitors of the Waalwijk Center, the real art lovers, as well as the curious snoops, as the artists in GMHK, as the Center designers, as the Waalwijk contractors in the renovated center, let this glorious initiative be missed?

Would not it look very good in Waalwijk politics to:

  • To take the lead in interactive policy-making, where citizens are allowed to contribute more instead of being determined by politics?
  • Where one first seriously looks at a successful initiative like GMHK, instead of immediately wanting to impose the concept of Huis Van Waalwijk and then no longer listen to the arguments as to why it does not suit GMHK.

The municipality has approved Huis Van Waalwijk itself, including the generous grant. According to the municipality, Huis Van Waalwijk is not (yet) successful enough. And GMHK would like to fill the gap, in addition to HVW, if this concept was suitable for: To be able to exhibit low-threshold contemporary art all year round, including art from guest exhibitors. For that is OUR real concept. And we want to collaborate with all other cultural institutions. There are already several lines there. The plans were also already fully worked out with teachers to receive pupils from both primary and secondary schools on Grotestraat 208, when Corona sprinkled soot into the food.

The carpet for GMHK is falling.

  • We have agreements with a bank for crowdfunding.
  • We campaigned on the new site, where we received more than 475 signatures from sympathizers.
  • We have got off to a good start with friends of GMHK who will support us financially.
  • We have started a digital signature collection. We visit all political parties.
  • We write to a number of companies for sponsorship.

But we prefer to make works of art. To write poems. Manage what we have acquired. In our eyes, we come to Waalwijk to bring a lot.
And on the other hand, we would very much like to receive the € 8,000 that we need to spend a year to stay afloat, as a guarantee subsidy, from the community money in Waalwijk.

Sign the signature collection. Support us. Become a friend. Work with us. Tell us that we are worthy of receiving € 8000 per year. Like so many foundations, they receive greater or lesser financial support from the municipality of Waalwijk.


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