200 years Teunismolen and 50 years SIOS are celebrated


DEHEURNE – In honor of Teunismolen’s 200th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the theater association SIOS from Heurne, the theater association plays its first outdoor play. On June 24, 25 and 29, Heurne goes back in time, and the game ‘fuel’ is played at Teunismolen. Written by Theo Soontiëns, especially for this anniversary.

By Kristel te Bokkel

200 years Teunismolen
The characteristic Teunismolen in Heurne turns 200 years old this year. A milestone. The mill is now operated by the seventh generation. Gerrit Heinen tells of the beginning: “In 1822, the mill was built by Wander Ormel. When the fields in Heurne were still full of heather, as at Posbanken, the peasants had to go to Dinxperlo to grind their grain. Ormel had had enough and thought it was time to build a mill himself. The mill also owes him its name, it belonged to the people of Teunis. If you look straight ahead from the door to the mill, you can see his farm in the distance. ”

Around 1900, the Heinen family took over the mill. “The Ormel family had no more descendants, and Heinen was a servant there.”

Two years ago, it started to itch at Heinen. He regularly sees the year of construction on the tape mill, 1822. “When you see that year, in 2020 you slowly start to think about how you want to celebrate it. It was such a spectacle in Harreveld at the time, so we thought we could do it here too. ”

50 years of theater association SIOS
“We now meet weekly for consultations, and the set designers have already begun,” adds Theo Wensing, president of the SIOS Theater Association. “It also coincides with our 50th anniversary, which is a nice side effect. May 4, 1972 we started. At the first meeting, I was appointed chairman, and I still am. ” For the first time in the theater association’s history, an outdoor play is played. And that while it was already appointed at the 25th anniversary. “At that time, Appie Hengeveld wrote in the anniversary booklet what had already been done, but that there was still a lack of an outdoor game,” says Naomi Westendorp.

It takes a little getting used to for the players. Wensing: “Of course it plays differently than on stage. We now play with a much larger space, with a microphone and we do not have a prompter, ”says Wensing. Theo Soontiëns, director, adds: “But it goes really well with such sublime actors.”

Outdoor games fuel
Although the open-air play is written specifically for this occasion, it is not about specific events from Heurne. “I got the inspiration from the conversations I had with Gerrit and family. Much of what will happen can be traced back to those conversations, but nothing has been copied 1-on-1, “Soontiens said.” Its roots are here in Heurne, but it is recognizable to many rural areas. “

One phrase that Soontiëns remembered from the conversations was about the shift from wind energy to a diesel engine. “It was stuck. It seems almost strange when you consider that we are now going back to wind energy.” That phrase became the basis of the outdoor play.During the evening-long performance, the viewer is taken back to the early 1960s.Two families are followed with a smile and a tear.The Oldenhave family, who run the mill, shop and pub, and the peasant family Beernink. also participates in the play. “The world is changing in the 1960s. Construction is in full swing. Are you stuck in the old? Or do you agree with the change, ”says Soontiëns. He continues his story: “In the play you see an enormous optimism and growth. The young people see the world bigger, but in fact also get smaller. Traditions and naobership pass. “

June 24, 25 and 29
The festival is arranged with great support from the Orange Association. Heinen: “We have also deliberately chosen Wednesday night as one of the nights played. It is always the theater evening from the Oranjevereniging. We would like to keep it there. “During the conversation, everyone at the table agrees: it’s a fun night on the town. For the audience, but also for the players. Wensing:” We play twice an hour, and then the after-party starts. ” the catering area, the band Onwies plays after the piece.

The outdoor game can be seen on June 24, 25 and 29 at Teunismolen in Heurne. Tickets can be ordered via the theater association SIOS website www.toneelsios.nl In case of bad weather, it is possible to change the date.

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