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Candidates are welcomed on Saturdays with coffee, cake, brownies and sometimes go with a small gift, but in some cases also with a sign-up bonus of € 400 to € 600.

For example, a 25-year-old from Rotterdam is looking for a job as a land stewardess and has signed up for job interviews with companies such as Menzis, Aviapartner and DNATA. “But I have to demand something, because I am a working mother and therefore want flexibility. I hope the conditions we see will be met. “

A position in the labor market

A position in the labor market

The companies are pleased that 1,500 people have signed up. “That number is fantastic and above all expectations,” the spokeswoman said on behalf of the around fifty companies hoping to be able to recruit new staff as soon as possible. “We even had to stop the registrations because of the fire department’s requirements.”

Through several new media and even in gyms, the Airport Community Schiphol partnership has communicated that it is diligently looking for new employees. They are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the coming busy summer period in almost all areas, from security to transport and from catering to aircraft maintenance.

Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop calls the arrival of about 1,500 interested people at the job fair “high and positive”, according to the CEO, who is criticized by many for not anticipating and tackling personal problems in time.


Schiphol recently announced that it would be handing out a bonus to staff to get staff excited about their work at the airport. This includes a summer supplement of € 5.25 per hour on top of the normal salary.

At Klüh Multiservices, which specializes in aircraft cleaning, there are still about 100 vacancies, says HR manager Eveline Maarsse. Now 250 people are employed. “We are really looking forward to people. We are now placing a heavy burden on the current staff with a lot of overtime. ”

She says that her company cannot offer the summer bonus of € 5.25 per hour on top of the regular salary that other employees at Schiphol receive. “For example, the toilet cleaner at the airport receives this compensation, our people do not. It is not fair competition.”

When asked, Benschop says: “We provide this service to about 15,000 people, and we have done that quite extensively.”

Travelers wait in long queues outside Schiphol for customs the Friday before Pentecost weekend.

Travelers wait in long queues outside Schiphol for customs the Friday before Pentecost weekend.

Schiphol Airport Retail, which has fifteen stores at the airport in the exclusive segment of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and chocolate, has 60 open man-years out of a workforce of 165 people. “Revenue is going pretty well in itself, but could be better,” says HR manager Kenneth van Randeraat. It is precisely in this luxury segment that customers are not used to standing in line and then they walk away.

In an adjoining stand, Deepak Manchanda, on behalf of the security firm Securitas Aviation, is also pleased with the interest in positions within supervision and patrol at Schiphol. With 450 employees, an additional 100 people are needed to monitor all public areas at the airport. “After screening, people can start training with us, and they get a permanent contract at the end. We also give a bonus of € 600 to new and existing employees, which is also new to us. But we must continue to provide security. ”

Even before the opening of the labor market at 10 o’clock, a queue of candidates for work in security, baggage handling, cleaning, catering and catering, as well as platform employees and land stewards, arose on Saturday. That line was cleared faster than the one in front of the check-in counters at the airport, where it was busy again on Saturday.

According to the spokeswoman, people who have not signed up for the recruitment meeting but are interested in a position at Schiphol will be investigated whether they can be admitted on the basis of the crowd.

For weeks, the airport has suffered from extraordinary congestion and a large shortage of staff in areas such as security, baggage handling and cleaning. With the recruitment campaign, the airport hopes to better cope with the coming summer rush.

The companies present also included the airline KLM, baggage handling Aviapartner, the car rental companies Hertz and Sixt, the fast food chain McDonald’s and the security companies Trigion and G4S.

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