4 questions about innovation grants MIT R&D Collaborative Projects

Dutch high-tech SME entrepreneurs who want to collaborate on a R&D project with one or more other independent Dutch SMEs can apply for grants from MIT R&D Collaboration Projects. The grant can amount to 350,000 euros. Four frequently asked questions about applying for MIT R&D Collaboration Projects in 2022.

The grant can be applied for by high-tech SMEs that are to collaborate on an R&D project. The project will deal with the development of innovative technology. In addition, the content of the project must be in line with one of the themes of the government’s new mission-driven top-sector policy. These are a) energy conversion and sustainability, b) agriculture, water and food, c) health and care and d) safety.

What kind of activities are subsidized for?

All kinds of projects in many sectors are eligible, but they must always be about a technological innovation project that (preferably) lies between ‘technology readiness level’ (TRL) 4 and 6. These projects often aim to develop and test a prototype in a realistic environment. Technical work related to this and performed by employees of the cooperating companies is justified.

In addition, external experts can also be hired for specific activities. Consider, for example, having test results validated in an independent laboratory.

How is the partnership assessed?

The project must be implemented in a partnership of at least two independent SMEs. This must be a balanced partnership. The extent to which a partnership is balanced is assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively by the grantor. Quantitatively, there must be a balanced distribution of the project costs, whereby a maximum of 70 percent of the project costs must be borne by one of the project partners.

In a qualitative sense, the grantor assesses whether there is a so-called logical cooperation. This can be substantiated by explaining in what sense the project partners’ complementary knowledge and experience is essential for, for example, developing a new product.

It is also important to demonstrate that there is sufficient capacity and knowledge in the partnership to be able to carry out long-term R&D projects.

What are the amounts?

The grant amounts to a maximum of 35 percent of the project costs, up to 350,000 euros per project. The maximum amount per participant is 175,000 euros.

What are the conditions?

The grant can be applied for from 1 June to 13 September this year. The applications are assessed on the basis of quality, which is why a strong project description, project planning and financial justification are crucial. In addition to the natural focus on describing technological innovation, the development of a thorough business case is also important.

Send on time

Submit the application on time and in accordance with the grant conditions and ensure that it can compete with other highly innovative collaborative projects. In addition, it is a good idea to look at differences between MIT regions. Regions or provinces partly use their own guidelines, which means that there may be differences between them.

Depending on region-specific conditions, it may make more sense to select one region than to select another. A grant adviser can discuss this in more detail.

Author: W. (Wilbert) Roerdink, Vindsubsidies.nl

This article appeared in F&A Actueel 2022, Edition 8.

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