Klüh Multiservices: “We are really eager for people”

Klüh Multiservices specializes in aircraft cleaning. With 250 employees, there are still about 100 vacancies, says Maarsse. “We have zero turnover, but we are really eager for people. We now have a heavy job with a lot of overtime on the current staff.” She thinks it’s a shame that her company can not offer the summer bonus of 5.25 euros per hour on top of the normal salary that other employees at Schiphol get. “For example, the toilet cleaner at the airport receives this allowance, our people do not. It is not fair competition.”

Schiphol’s CEO, Dick Benschop, says of this on the question: “We give this allowance to about 15,000 people and we’ve done it quite extensively.”

Welcome with cake

Candidates are welcomed with coffee, cake, brownies and sometimes leave with a small gift, but in some cases also with a sign-up bonus of 400 to 600 euros. For example, a 25-year-old from Rotterdam is looking for a job as a land stewardess and has signed up for job interviews with companies such as Menzis, Aviapartner and DNATA. “But I have some requirements, because I am a working mother and therefore want flexibility. I hope the conditions we see will be respected.”


And 70-year-old Ruty Vorswijk has also registered with a number of security companies. The retired boa at Haarlem municipality says he wants to make himself useful to society again. “I know how important it is to act now, otherwise aviation will not be able to move.”

About 1500 interested

Benschop calls the arrival of about 1,500 interested people at the job fair “high and positive”. He was recognized by two visitors on arrival Saturday morning and immediately received a compliment. “They said, ‘This works!’ It’s very nice, this great interest. ” Through several new media and even in gyms, the Airport Community Schiphol partnership has communicated that it is diligently looking for new employees. They are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the coming busy summer period in almost all areas, from security to transport and from catering to aircraft maintenance.

Fifty companies are estimated to be gathered in The Base building next to the departure and arrival halls to welcome candidates for thousands of vacancies. Many companies have dozens and in some cases more than a hundred vacancies to fill.

Klüh Multiservices: “We are really eager for people”


With hundreds of follow-up agreements and sometimes with signed employment contracts including sign-up bonuses, the companies that attended the job fair at Schiphol proved very satisfied with the attendance and results on Saturday. Among them HR manager Eveline Maarsse from Klüh Multiservices: “We have zero turnover, but we are really eager for people.”

Can you still find cleaning staff? The labor market even tighter

To take on

Tension in the labor market has risen further in the first quarter of 2022. While in the last quarter of 2021 there were still 106 unemployed for every 100 unemployed, it has a quarter later risen to 133 per 100.

Cleaning entrepreneur: “Finding new colleagues is the biggest challenge”

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Finding new cleaning staff is currently the biggest challenge, says Stefan Faaij, director at Van Alem Schoonmaak, to Ondernamen, an entrepreneurial platform in the province of Utrecht. On the one hand, the problems are due to the huge shortage of labor and on the other hand the high absenteeism due to corona.

Cleaning machines the solution to staff shortages?


Cleaning machines help to make the cleaning sector more sustainable. They help to ensure hygiene in large rooms, they are efficient in using water and cleaning agents and they handle wastewater with care. In addition to this important contribution to sustainability, cleaning machines have played an indispensable role in the sector for decades and are becoming increasingly crucial. Especially now that we are dealing with an increasingly acute shortage of cleaners.

Attracting new cleaning staff: good atmosphere is more important than signing bonus

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In the current tight labor market, some employers are pulling out to attract new employees. From higher salaries and signing bonuses to leasing cars or even (temporary) housing. But how do you really convince potential new colleagues?

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