Rotterdam Pride: In addition to celebrating, Pride remains a protest

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Rotterdam – The whole of June is International Pride Month, which means that there is extra attention around the world to the rights and acceptance of the LGBTQIA + community. We know pride celebrations from the Netherlands in the form of, for example, boat parades and festivals. From June 17 to 26, Rotterdam will be colored in all the colors of the rainbow, but why?

While these events are an important part of Pride, it’s not just about partying. Pride is and remains a protest because the LGBTQIA + community still has a long way to go before full acceptance and equal rights.
This year, the Rotterdam Pride Foundation has once again succeeded in emphasizing the protest with, among other things, the Rotterdam Pride conference, the community events and the Pride March prior to the one-day Pink Saturday festival.

Rotterdam Pride Conference
What does it take to make Rotterdam an inclusive city for everyone? What is it like to be queer and a refugee? What is happening now about homosexuality in the professional football world? And how to ensure a safe climate in MBOs, colleges, universities and internships so that all students can feel free and accept themselves and others?
These and many more questions will be asked during the Rotterdam Pride Conference, the substantial program for Rotterdam Pride Week, which largely takes place in the Kunsthal. This year it consists of no less than eleven different parts that you could participate in in the form of panel discussions, lectures and workshops. You have already received a ticket of five euros, of which one euro is donated to LGBT Asylum Support and as a bonus you can also go to the Kunsthallen on June 24 with each conference ticket to the exhibition of the French artist, author and activist Claude Cahun.

Community events
The Rotterdam Pride Foundation is a community-driven organization, which means that as an umbrella organization they want to give the LGBTQIA + community space and the opportunity to think about the future of queer Rotterdam. What do they need? What kind of events would they like to see? What is missing? They do this by, among other things, tying twenty ambassadors to their organization, who contribute ideas about their events and projects.
From here, for example, come the societal events organized for the vulnerable groups within the LGBTQIA + community, which are still marginalized, discriminated against and backward. There is, for example, a BIPOC grill with music and performances, a day for the elderly in The Historic Tram, a connecting dinner for queer status holders, a trans-‘human library ‘, a children’s festival in the Maritime Museum and a day for people with disabilities in Diergaarde.Blijdorp.

Pink Saturday and Pride March
This year, Pride will be a big hit with Pink Saturday, the oldest Pride in the Netherlands coming to Rotterdam on June 18th. The Rotterdam Pride Foundation will fill this by arranging a one-day free festival in the middle of Coolsingel with live acts such as S10, Glen & Jaïr Faria and LIONSTORM, which will be mixed with DJ sets by Willie Wartaal, Doppelgang and Shug La Sheedah, among others.
Duncan Laurence opens the day with a performance at 2 pm, but before then you can already take part in the annual Pride March, which is a peaceful protest for the rights and acceptance of the LGBTQIA + community in the Netherlands and worldwide.

This year’s Pride March is organized by COC Rotterdam, Out in Rotterdam, Erasmus Pride and Ketelbinkie, but Rotterdam Pride will definitely participate as an organization. At 11.30 there will be a demonstration on Willemsplein near the diversity monument, after which there will be a route through the center of Rotterdam, which ends at Coolsingel, so that participants can directly visit Pink Saturday.

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