Buddy to Buddy Young: especially for young people


ZUTPHEN – Especially for young people (14 to 27 years), Buddy to Buddy starts this summer with Buddy to Buddy Young. Do you dare to dive into the life of a person from a completely different culture? Together with others, you investigate what it is like to be a refugee, and you really get to know someone who is trying to build a new life in the Netherlands. It’s definitely exciting, but you’re not alone; during the social course (MDT) you will be coached and you will meet others during summer activities. Go on a journey of discovery into someone else’s world and also discover your own motivations.

By Meike Wesselink

Sarah van Thoor (25) developed a close friendship with her Syrian peer Nadine and his father Hanna. “Buddy to Buddy put us in touch and it just went exactly as you hope it will. The click was there right away. Now I was also lucky that Nadine is very linguistic but her father is smaller. Hanna is very happy for my two year old son Luca and even though they both do not have the words for it yet, they still come out really well.Because I have opened my world, another world has opened up for me.I have lived in Zutphen almost my whole life, but since I’ve known them, I’m starting to look at it with different eyes. I’ve discovered that real contact lies in doing ordinary things. It suddenly becomes fun to cook together, go to a children’s zoo, yes even shopping.Nadine and her father are under a lot of stress but the joy a child like Luca gives them is priceless.I am amazed that people in such a difficult situation can give so much with the little they have . ”

Sarah has become so enthusiastic that she would like to do more for Buddy to Buddy. This summer, she will be one of the coaches who guides the young people under the Ung course. “Everyone should be a little hospitable to newcomers. Buddy to Buddy has an accessible and equal way of doing this. You really just have to be yourself. Based on common interests, Buddy to Buddy pairs you with someone from another culture, your buddy, so you immediately have something to talk about. If it’s difficult because of the language, then you need to solve it in a playful way. We also have all sorts of useful tips and tricks for that. If you find it exciting on your own, you can also choose to go through the process with a friend. You meet with your buddy every week and do something fun. Of course you can do that together. ”

The other coach, Mari Plooij (65) has been involved with Buddy to Buddy since the start. Mari guides friends during conversations and as an experienced coach knows how to bring talent and motivation to everyone. During the education, the social service period (MDT), you learn more about what it is like to be a refugee. What happens if you have to flee and end up in the Netherlands? You learn more about other cultures and discover what is fun and sometimes challenging when you become a buddy. Together we set a learning goal, and at the end of the course you will actually organize something for Buddy to Buddy. It can be a beach volleyball tournament or a party, but you can also come up with a good campaign. With an official MDT certificate, you round it all off. I dare say that Buddy to Buddy Young is a life-changing event, it will definitely have input into your life. “

Slava Abdo (21) was still a refugee herself five years ago, but she has shaped her life in the Netherlands with her optimism and drive. She had a Dutch companion no less than twice. “The first time I was only 17 and we used Translate to communicate. When I came to Holland everything was different, the food, the language, the weather. It was pretty hard and I felt really alone at times. Through Buddy to Buddy, I got to know a lot of nice people and it really helped me. “This summer, Slava is one of the participants in Young. What she would like to tell her foreign friend is that it is important that you learn to stand on your own two feet. Slava himself had to do this at a young age. “It takes learning and perseverance, but then you can also be truly independent.”

On 1 July at 7.30 pm, there will be an information meeting in the Buddy to Buddy room at Kerkhof 1a. Young participants, but also those who want to go through the regular Buddy program, can then go together. See the page for more information on Buddy to Buddy Young.


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