How blockchain can save the Internet

Sebastian, welcome! You founded Wordproof. Can you explain exactly what it is for readers who are not yet familiar with WordProof?

“The Internet has made our lives a lot easier, but at the same time it has a huge flaw; reliability. Due to the lack of trust as a prerequisite in the DNA of the internet, fraud, manipulation and theft are now the order of the day. Because of these human quirks, search engines, social media, and the Internet as a whole are no longer a reliable and secure place. A better, reliable internet is what we need. what we deserve. “

“The reason is logical: trust was not part of the Internet architecture. Never been because it was not necessary. After all, the Internet was built to connect computers with computers. And computers are not preoccupied with dreams, power and self-enrichment because they have nothing. ego. It is in opposition to humans. ”

“Simply put, if information affects my life, I need transparency and a sender who takes responsibility. With transparency and accountability as prerequisites, trust becomes part of the DNA of the Internet. Now, what I read is real; I can confirm who the sender is. What I do is mine, and I can easily prove it. If I disagree, I am protected.

“With time stamping, we bring radical transparency to all 5 billion Internet users, and those who are transparent are rewarded with higher rankings on search engines and social media! In this way, we achieve a Trusted Web together.

With WordProof, you can time-stamp the content on your website or webshop in seconds and feed it to your visitors and search engines, for example via our WordPress, Drupal or Shopify integration, or via our API, as NRC does. †

You’re talking about time stamping. What do you mean by time stamping?

“A timestamp is a series of numbers and digits that together form a code. This code tells something about when an incident occurred. This can be on a daily basis, but one timestamp can also provide information down to the other. ”

Let’s go all the way back to the beginning. How did you come up with the idea? What was your inspiration or what did you miss?

Blockchain, which is known as the technology behind bitcoin, is open source technology. This technique was invented in 1991 to demonstrate that you have not messed with release dates for information and documents.

“In the last 10 years, trust in the Internet has fallen sharply. It is difficult for consumers to decide which sites and stores to trust. It’s not the internet where I let my (future) children roam around with confidence. By time-stamping all the information that matters and then offering these time-stamps to visitors and search engines, the recipient can independently check if the date of publication has been tampered with and who the sender of the information is.

“If all 5 billion Internet users can check when information has been published, how it has changed, and where the information comes from, then it’s a big step in the right direction for a reliable Internet.”

What challenges did you encounter when developing the concept for realization?

“Blockchain technology is therefore not new, but there are still many cold feet over it. Blockchain was invented to show that you have not messed with information. So we bring to the world exactly what blockchain was invented for! “

One use of time stamping is to fight plagiarism and support claims against it with facts. You often use the designers Blom & Blom’s claims as an example. Can you explain how you helped in their fight against plagiarism?

“Blom & Blom is a small design studio that makes beautiful design products, such as lamps and furniture. They make beautiful text and images with each product. Cheap replicas were regularly offered on Ebay based on the Blom & Blom content using their texts and images. When Blom & Blom rang the bell on Ebay, they got no answer. A small player against a technology giant like Ebay had no chances.

Hiring a lawyer is expensive, and it would require a lot of filing work (not fun and also time consuming) on ​​the part of Blom & Blom to challenge this. Of course, Blom & Blom would much rather invest that money and time in product development. By time-stamping the products on the Blom & Blom page, they could then automatically generate a PDF with proof that the stolen content belonged to them in the event of a new breach. With these letters, it was suddenly possible to get the stolen content removed from Ebay within hours.

“For less than the price of an hour’s attorney’s fee, Blom & Blom has greatly improved the protection of its creative work!”

Watch a video on how Blom & Blom help timestamps here:

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