Use the MRI scan to find out which substances in the food can cause the right kick in you, so you become addicted and continue to buy from them

Did you know that the many large food producers employ more researchers? They do nothing but examine the behavior, the body’s reaction after consuming their products. They put new ones in the supermarket and conquer people by making them addicted to their products. This means that they are confident in their investment and that their latest product will actually continue to be purchased once they have tasted it.

Researchers employed by unilevers, Procter & Gamble and Nestlé, are literally testing people for everything, especially the brain, about how they will react to their latest products. What additional substances they may need to add to get the effect they are looking for. Make it salable! The sole purpose of this is to ensure that their product and the substances in it also reach the right areas of the brain. This way, they are really sure of success and sales. That it means making people and their children addicted does not bother them at all.

People are no longer a secret to business and industry

People are being examined and unraveled, but it is not for medical research, but also for research into gaining power over you and your buying behavior. With which we can bind people to us / ensure that they become dependent on our products and services. And they do so eagerly. This is because of the science of how we function, through brain research. So literally into the MRI scan with subjects. Now we understand a little more why your kids like to eat so many chips, like to drink Coke, and especially like this specific sauce, it also gives more insight into why we can eat so many of these candies? It’s because it’s thought out based on research, it’s so well thought out with only one purpose that they can sell as much of it as possible. Meanwhile, we eat so much processed and thoughtful food that in the countries where Unilever, Procter & Gamble and a handful of other multinationals can offer their products galore, humanity is sick and on the verge of disease. The so-called prosperity disease has its origins on supermarket shelves.

People get terminally ill just by messing with our foodl

In fact, the many studies show that since 1960, since we started eating so much processed foods that are full of baking sugar, E-substances, flavor enhancers, dyes, etc., our health has rapidly deteriorated. The so-called prosperity diseases are skyrocketing. Chronic diseases appear on the scene, while we rarely saw them in humans 60 years earlier. We are thinking of all kinds of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, Alzheimer’s, MS, obesity and a number of frightening chronic diseases. Almost anything can be traced directly back to consuming pre-processed supermarket food that is filled with all sorts of unnecessary additives to the body just to be able to sell it.

MRI scans are used to explore your brain

We know MRI scans from the medical world for which they were originally developed. They are devices that ensure we can take a look at our bodies, including the brain. It provides the images where the organs can be seen. With such an MRI, science can literally look into our body to see how we react to certain substances and influences. More knowledge about how our brains work is very interesting for food producers. For this, hire the researchers who work with it to figure it out for them in detail. For example, they examine our serotonin or dopamine system. They are looking at how they can activate this system with drugs. Both are mechanisms that produce certain substances that make us feel much happier. So when you eat something from a certain brand and you feel consciously / unconsciously happy as a result, the manufacturer knows that there is a very good chance that you will feel like trying it again. It makes you addicted and worse, if people use this system too much, harm will happen and people will not be able to be as happy as they should be. It does not seem to bother Unilever and the competitors.

Can you resist products if you have become seriously addicted to them undiscovered?

No, you can not, you are a human being after all. You can stay away from it if you know it is dangerous, but if you do not know it is addictive, you will continue to ingest it undetected. Which means for the companies that you will continue to buy from them. But what about mine and your children? Can they protect themselves well from these hidden addictions? No, they can not. And did you know that many diseases occur in our children, which put them at risk at a young age and especially later in life. Obesity is one of them, diabetes another. Are they lazy children? Are they greedy children? No, they are not, but they are children who have been made dependent on the food producer, on science and clever tactics, on the Unilevers of this world.

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