A minimal case for your phone that provides maximum protection

About Arc Ventures

  • Founders: Tom C. Theuer, Niclas Bertelsen, Moritz Angermann
  • Founded in: March 2020
  • Employees: 10
  • Money raised: –
  • Ultimate goal: To create products with essential functions – always focused on the user.

It’s always fun to buy a new phone. However, the fun wears off quickly if you can not show it because it is hidden in a case. The founders of Arc Ventures – Moritz Angermann, Niclas Bertelsen and Tom Theuer – wanted to keep the joy of having a new phone without compromising on its protection. That’s how the Arc Pulse was created, a cover that covers as little of the phone as possible while still providing maximum protection. They talk about it together in this section of the start of the day

Phone cases are just the beginning. From accessories to consumer electronics, Arc aims to change the way we think about the function of all the technology we use in our daily lives. Following the launch of Arc Pulse, Arc recently opened a start-up funding round for a new product: an ergonomic keyboard with a focus on health and efficiency.

What is most important to you when creating new products?

“What a user expects from a product is exceeded. It really depends on what function a product is to perform. Sometimes we encourage people to think about it a bit. For example, the phone case: First, people say that it should protect the phone. But when you wrap your phone in bubble wrap, it is also protected. Not very practical, but very functional. So if we think a little more about the function of the phone cover, we will eventually come to the conclusion that it should protect our phone, but we would also like to show our device. ”

Why did you start with phone covers?

“We had ideas for different products from the start. We chose very pragmatically to choose the least complex product. In the end, it turned out to be much more complex than we thought. ”

What sets your phone bag apart from other cases?

“We have developed the fastening mechanism. The two parts of the case are not slid on the phone from behind like any other phone cover, but from the side. The cover slides on the phone and is held in place solely by friction and pressure. This also has a number of advantages from a protection point of view. On the front of the phone we have metal that prevents direct shock on the screen. With this mounting mechanism, we have not only bypassed the protection problem, but we are also able to make the phone cover in an absolutely minimalist way, so that the design of the phone itself remains intact. ”

“The house is made up of two different layers. On the outside is a metal housing to prevent damage. Inside is a softer, fully circular recyclable material that absorbs shocks. ”

Founders of Arc Ventures with their product Arc Pulse: Moritz Angermann, Tom C. Theuer and Niclas Bertelsen.
Moritz Angermann, Tom C. Theuer and Niclas Bertelsen.

What’s Arc’s next product?

“We will now focus on computer keyboards. Keyboard designs have not really been updated since the 1920s. These tools are no longer sufficient for the type of work we do. We see this, for example, in the number of specialized devices that people have on their desktops. , and which they constantly switch between. But we also see this in the health problems that these products have caused. “All work-related physical problems are caused by RSI. We want to do something about it.”

What is your long-term goal

“Ultimately, we hope to create an environment that creates the point of interaction with all hardware from the user’s perspective. Where the entire hardware system is tailored to the user, rather than the other way around. The long-term goal is to continue to develop into a European electronics company. central. ”

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