Consultant Innovation & Services

Consultant Innovation & Services

Are you a skilled (management) consultant with strong analytical skills and do you move easily in a complex environment? So answer!

3 reasons why this is for you:

  • Because you are a counselor at heart. You can easily switch between helicopter view and zoom into details, and it’s easy to get people involved.
  • Because you are aware of current technological possibilities and are eager to help The Hague Municipality with its effective and therefore people-oriented use. The necessary commitment to data, research and design is a matter of course for you.
  • Because you are looking for a place within (municipal) administration where ambition, courage and entrepreneurship are valued.

What do you want to do?

Municipal service in a broad sense includes and makes sense of the municipality’s roles and tasks. It is about what is offered, how it is done and how the municipality communicates about it. The social expectations for this are high! In order to continue to achieve this, the importance of a strong people-oriented innovation capacity for the authorities is rapidly increasing today. As an innovation & service consultant, you help to build innovation and service strategies and necessary partnerships from the central Innovation & Service team. In your analyzes and advice, you know how to include relevant aspects, such as external development and legislation, governance, (external) best practice and attention to culture in the right relationship. You proactively identify opportunities for innovation and services, and you understand how to create the right connections with communication and (citizen) participation. You advise on strategic ‘capacity building’ and support the further growth towards a strong municipal-wide Center of Excellence for human-oriented innovation. To this end, you will be involved in updating The Hague policy vision for services and translating it into a new implementation program. You provide support in the analysis and writing of new strategic policies and associated implementation plans and you independently manage parts of them. You also play an important role in maintaining a relevant network inside and outside the municipality. This includes the state, VNG, colleagues from other municipalities and relevant knowledge institutions and companies. When opportunities for collaboration or grants arise (both national and European), you know how to link them to the strategy and leverage them in coordination with stakeholders.

What are we asking about?

We are looking for a creative, results-oriented and broadly developed professional who contributes to The Hague Municipality’s innovation and service.

In addition, you are a person with:

  • a completed education at university level and at least 2 years of experience in a broad advisory role (eg as a management, business or strategy consultant) in the development and implementation of policy and strategy in large organizations;
  • broad knowledge of and affinity with CX, research, design, innovation and digitization;
  • ability to quickly make abstract concepts usable in practice. Translating broad perspectives into concrete and feasible steps is a matter of course for you;
  • an open and curious setting that allows you to quickly spot opportunities. You actively involve stakeholders in your work and you communicate actively, openly and crystal clear – both personally and in writing. You also work systematically, you prioritize and have an excellent sense of humor.

What do we offer?

We offer you a position where you have an influence on the services provided to residents and entrepreneurs in The Hague. Everything takes place in a comfortable working environment and an open culture. Your work environment is easily accessible by public transport and the beach is always nearby, but we also give you the opportunity to work from home.

Depending on your background and (work) experience, we offer you:

  • a one-year employment contract, which we then convert (if you are working properly) into a permanent employment (unless you are already employed as a permanent employee in The Hague Municipality or in connection with the chain provision);
  • a maximum salary of € 5372 gross per. month based on a full (36-hour) working week (scale 11);
  • a 36-hour working week and space to build up compensatory leave

You can also count on an excellent benefits package, such as:

  • abundant training and development opportunities;
  • admission to the ABP pension fund;
  • a monthly contribution to health insurance;
  • an individual election budget (IKB) to a value of 17.05% on top of your salary, which you can use for eg: extra leave, salary or membership of the fitness center located in the town hall.

Who are we?

Team Innovation and Services (iD) is part of the staff department within the Public Affairs Service (DPZ), located under the General Director. As a member of the Innovation & Services team, you work with people-oriented innovation in municipal service. We give form and meaning to new and better municipal products, services and solutions and thus have a direct influence on the experiences of large groups of people who turn to the municipality for various reasons. The team is involved in municipal-wide policy with regard to services, UX research, service design, UX design and the resulting transformation issues. It is a relatively small and informal team (approx. 15 man-years), full of ambitions to establish itself even stronger as the municipal innovation point in the coming years to design and implement even better municipal services.

To know more

For more information about the position, please contact Ilse van der Hoeven, Strategic Advisor innovation & services on telephone number 06-31 10 63 60. For questions about the application procedure, please contact Chil Damen, Head of Innovation & Services on telephone number 06- 30 04 72 18.

Additional information

  • More about our terms of employment can be found at
  • Requesting references can be part of the procedure.
  • Applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) can be part of the procedure.
  • If we are unable to physically talk to applicants due to developments in Coronavirus, the job interviews will take place online using the Microsoft Teams application. An attachment has been added to the bottom of the page with tips for an online job interview.

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