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Interview Food people

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Indian entrepreneurs Karthik Jayaraman and Sanjay Dasari founded WayCool in 2015. The India-based company can best be described as a modern and creative food chain director. What drives Jayaraman?

The highly fragmented food chain in India has major disadvantages for the income of farmers in the country but also the efficiency of the food chain. The many links and parties cause many losses that increase the error cost for the entire chain. Entrepreneur Karthik Jayaraman wants to make a difference for farmers and prevent food waste by better linking supply and demand.

WayCool is active in the food market in India, how much does this market differ from those in western countries?
“India has 1.4 billion people and spends 800 billion euros on food every year. Almost all food is bought in small shops on the streets. India has no less than 12 million such ‘shops’. The supply of these companies goes through a very long inefficient logistics chain.Many losses occur here.Researchers estimate that about 25% of the food produced in India is ultimately not consumed.With this we can feed a country like Brazil.Much of this loss is due to the fact that the existing chains are supplies-driven, and there is sometimes a significant loss of inventory. “

Can you outline what exactly WayCool does?
“What we have been doing in this market since 2015 is connecting farmers’ owners and traders. The trade is now going through too many stages and we are trying to organize these lines better. We manage a large number of collection centers where we sell products from Vi also has about 50 distribution centers, from which we deliver the goods to about 100,000 stores. We are already talking about more than 1,200 tons of product a day. “

Supply and demand are connected digitally?
“A store actually places an order for a specific product via an app on our platform. We then guarantee that at least 98% of the order will be delivered the next day. This way of working allows us to estimate what is on average allows us to clearly indicate to farmers how much product we need.They can then adjust supply more accordingly.This ensures that there are fewer losses in intermediate trade.We turn a supply-driven market into a demand-driven market. “

What were the main motives for starting the business?
“Social impact is very important. In India, about 70% of the population work in the food chain. If we can take action in relation to the income of these people, we can mean something to a very large group. We wanted our knowledge Not as a food producer, but as supply chain experts. “

Does a farmer also get better prices?
“The benefits for farmers lie in several things. First of all, there is more stability in pricing. We advise on planting plans, focusing on a more dispersed harvest. It reduces the risk in sales prices because there are more sales moments Secondly, there is more transparency in pricing Many farmers sell their products in the markets to traders and only later hear what they get for these products. They have immediate insight into apps. Farmers can also get support via the app, for example if there are questions about diseases in crops or at animals By calling for help quickly, we can also provide quick advice on possible treatments So we share a lot of knowledge with farmers and give them transparency in the price benefits. “

Is return a business goal for WayCool?
“Yes, of course we also just do business, and profit is needed to be able to scale up, to grow sustainably. But the social aspect is really adding something to people’s lives, a very important factor in our entrepreneurial mindset.”

As a food business owner, are you concerned about the current threat to food security?
“The strange thing is that if we gather all the countries and crops worldwide, there is enough for everyone. The borders are the problems in a year like this. Of course there are tight supply situations in the short term, but the higher prices attract There is also enough capacity worldwide to fill all stomachs.However, it takes a concerted effort to get the right products available at the right time at the right price.Here lies a role for a new generation of people who can use newly established technical knowledge to create “food safety, but also to take care of our ecosystem. By fighting waste, we as WayCool can also contribute to this.”


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