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Once a day, gives you an overview of the situation in Ukraine. This time: the United States is sending weapons and humanitarian aid to the country for more than 1 billion euros. Ukraine is desperate for extra weapons because the Russians can shoot up to ten times as much ammunition a day.

The United States wants to send $ 1 billion (about 960 million euros) in arms aid to Ukraine. It would involve missiles, tank ammunition, spare parts and weapons training. In addition, the country also receives more than 200 million euros in humanitarian aid.

US President Joe Biden promised aid on Wednesday. The same day he held a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Zelensky.

The weapons come in part from US warehouses. Another part was to come from a weapons program set up by the US Congress to help Ukraine.

The humanitarian aid is intended for clean drinking water, medical care, food and shelter for those affected in Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion of the country on February 24, the United States has sent more than 4 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine.

Ukraine has been asking for more and heavier weapons for several months. According to Zelensky, if the West delivered weapons faster, Russian troops could be pushed back faster.

Russia would shoot far more ammunition than Ukraine

Meanwhile, Ukraine says the battle for Kharkiv and Severodonetsk is not going well for the country. Zelensky said Tuesday night that Ukrainian troops in the fight against the Russian invading army in the eastern part of the country “are suffering painful losses”. This is happening in the city of Severodonetsk as well as in the Kharkiv region.

Zelensky reiterated in his usual speech that Ukraine is desperate for modern missile defense. He added that there is no justification for Western partners to delay the delivery of these weapons.

So far, only 10 percent of the military equipment Ukraine needs to defend itself has been supplied from abroad, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said on television.

The Russians have many more men and weapons at their disposal. According to her, Ukrainian artillery fires five to six thousand grenades a day, Russia about ten times as much.

Britain says the Netherlands has promised anti-ship missiles

The United Kingdom also promises to send missile systems to Ukraine. According to the British Minister of Defense, the Netherlands has promised to supply anti-ship missiles. At the end of May, Denmark promised the same. is awaiting a response from the Dutch Ministry of Defense to the British statements.

Ukraine would need at least 1,000 armored howitzers, 500 tanks and 1,000 drones. This was announced by the country’s government on Monday.

The armored howitzers are the heaviest artillery available to the Dutch army. The weapon can hit targets up to 50 kilometers away.

NATO wants to help Ukraine switch to Western weapons systems

NATO on Tuesday night promised to help Ukraine move to using Western weapons to defend itself. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the West could complete the new aid package for Ukraine at a meeting in Madrid in late June.

Today, the country uses mainly obsolete Soviet-era weapons. It would still take time for the Ukrainian army to get used to the use of Western weapons.

Western weapons are more modern than most of the weapons the country currently uses, Stoltenberg said. At present, it is primarily the NATO countries that supply Poland and Romania with weapons coming from the old arsenals. Those supplies are running out.

USA: ‘We must not slacken’

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin held a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, where he attended a meeting of NATO defense ministers.

The former general said he was pleased with the way the military alliance seized aid to Ukraine. “But we must not relax,” Austin warned. “The effort is too great.”

According to the Minister of Defense, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is also a threat to security in Europe. He promised more military support to the country.

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