A performance about dementia, Miss Montreal and Waylon at a new music festival and a concert series about the organ: excursions in Friesland

A hopeful theater performance about dementia in Leeuwarden, the new music festival Herema Park Live in Joure and Zuzana Ferjencikova are responsible for the opening concert of the international series of organ concerts in Harlingen. We have again selected five cultural tips in Friesland for you.

A mother loses her compass. And her jokes. A child does not have the instructions for use and is looking for it. In the fog, in the merriment, in the sadness and sometimes in the despair. And in a time machine. There they find each other. And they’re getting closer than ever …

In the hopeful theater performance Feel free to tell me a secret [morgen ben ik het toch weer vergeten] theater maker Madeleine Matzer seeks answers to the many questions that exist around dealing with dementia. A performance for theater lovers, but also for caregivers, volunteers, caregivers and anyone who will ever come in contact with dementia. The actor Juul Vrijdag plays both the role of the mother with dementia and the role of the seeking daughter and receives musical assistance from Helge Slikker.

After the performance, a discussion will take place with the theme: What is it like to lose someone who is still alive, bit by bit? Can you still find that person? And if so, where and how?

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Thurs and Fri at 20.30, 21.50 euros

Opening concert summer series of organ concerts in Harlingen

Zuzana Ferjencikova gives the opening concert of the International Concert Series Organ Concerts on the monumental Hinsz organ (1776) in the Grote Kerk in Harlingen on Friday. Born in Slovakia and living in Switzerland, Ferjencikova has been an organ professor at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam since 2021, specializing in romantic organ music and improvisation. In 2004, she was the first woman to win first prize at the important international organ improvisation competition in Haarlem.

Zuzana Ferjencikova worked closely with the Parisian organist Jean Guillou, whose compositions she has released on CD. She made other CDs on organs in Bratislava, Vienna and Friborg (Switzerland), among others. Friday stand on program in Grote Kerk in Harlingen compositions by GFHändel ( Concert op. 1 / Nr. 4 in G minor for organ and orchestra in a transcript by J.Guillou), the Adagio h-Moll KV 540 from WAMozart, Säya – L’oiseau bleu op. 50 by J.Guillou and Mozarts Adagio et rondo en ut mol KV 617 and an improvisation.

Harlingen – Grote Kerk, before kl. 20, 10 euros

New music festival in Heremastate on Joure

The first edition of the new music festival Herema Park Live will take place in Heremastate Park on Saturday. A festival for young and old, where everyone gets together and can enjoy the beautiful music in the inspiring environment of the open-air theater in the park. The program offers a mix of local and nationally known bands. At 7 pm, Brass Inc from the Joure festival opens. This versatile cover band plays contemporary but also old songs with 13 enthusiastic musicians, amplified with a horn section. At 20.30 it is Waylon’s turn. With his raw, raw voice, he mixes his beloved Americana with the right amounts of pop and rock.

Sanne Hans, aka Miss Montreal, is known for Through the wind Until the sun comes up Tututu and How † Together with his band, Miss Montreal guarantees an enthusiastic performance from 22.15, where one thing is for sure: There must be dancing. The local Straight on Stage closes the festival at 00.00. The band lets the golden hits of the past resound and takes you back to ‘the good old days’.

Joure – Park Heremastate, Sat from kl. 18, 30 euros (excl. Service costs)

Experience the sound of the town hall in Leeuwarden

Each building has its own specific acoustic characteristics, consisting of tones and sounds. Sound artist Bouke Groen has created a unique musical composition for Explore the North in the town hall space on Hofplein. For this, he mapped the sound characteristics of the town hall using technology and calculations.

The composition is sung a cappella by the NHL Stendenkoor in the different areas. As a listener, you are in the middle of it. As an audience, you are part of the performance because you also influence the sounds in the room.

Project Overtone offers an intimate experience that takes you through City Hall to discover that you will never look at a building or a room in the same way again. Or listen.

Project Overtone is part of PAFFF: a provocative, in-your-face and curious performing arts program in Arcadia, featuring sensational international artists.

Leeuwarden – City Hall, Fri to Sun, Fri 7.30 and 21.00, Sat 16.00, 17.00, 19.30 and 21.00, Sun 16.00 and 17.00, 7.50 euros

Tour of Museum Opsterland | Advertising

Wednesday 22nd and Wednesday 29th June it is Bert Looper present in Museum Opsterland in Gorredijk to take you through the exhibition as a guide Upstream † In this exhibition, which can be seen until July 10, the history of Opsterland municipality is brought to life on the basis of beautiful historical maps from the collection of Tresoar, Frisian Historical and Literature Center in Leeuwarden.

After the tour, the former director of Tresoar will take you for a walk through Gorredijk. Reservations for this trip are required. Send an e-mail to info@museumopsterlan.nl with your name and on which day (22 or 29 June) you would like to join the trip.

Gorredijk – Museum Opsterland, Wednesday 22 and Wednesday 29 June, 14-15.30, 6.50 euros

You can find more excursions on lc.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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