Dilbeek demands fair distribution of landing aircraft

If it depends on Mayor Willy Segers, the federal government must take action as soon as possible to tackle the aviators.

In recent weeks, Segers has been contacted daily about planes flying low over Dilbeek when they land. This is not new, but the frequency of the number of flight movements seems to be increasing year after year. In the hope of reversing the trend, because this case is simply not a municipal competence, Segers will soon take action.

“For about ten years now, parts of Dilbeek’s territory have experienced several nuisances from (especially) landing planes. This case has already been brought before the competent federal government following an approved proposal from Dilbeek City Council in June 2018,” Segers added. [Archief: N-VA wil nieuwe aanvliegprocedure voor dalende vliegtuigen boven Dilbeek] “The situation has not improved in all that time. On the contrary: for several years, certain parts have been
of Dilbeek territory abundantly overflown by landing aircraft. This is especially true with easterly winds. And this is happening in a procession, adapted to a tight schedule. “

“Between 02/06 and 15/06, more than 1,000 landings were recorded, mostly from the direction of Ternat over part of St.-M.-Bodegem, the Savio district and the center of Bijgaarden. A cozy terrace outside is out of the question, but the genes are also noticeable inside the living room, study or bedroom, ”concludes Segers.

“Angry residents turn – in part rightly – to the municipal council. Although we have absolutely no competence in this matter, in recent years we have defended the interests of our affected residents with the competent federal government via Future Forum (platform for all mayors in Halle “Vilvoorde). Our municipality is also one of the co-applicants for lawsuits together with the municipalities in Noordrand.”

But Dilbeek’s municipal council is now also tired of that situation. “We can no longer continue to satisfy our residents with these efforts already made: because the situation on the ground is only getting worse. Therefore, Dilbeek’s municipal administration will soon contact the competent minister Gilkinet and the ombudsman for the national airport. We have 3 concrete proposals for to put an end to this situation. “

First of all, we request that the approach route for landing aircraft in easterly winds (runway 07L) be moved over the E40. Radar images make it quite clear that landing planes are now flying in from all directions, and shortly after, Ternat is sent in a straight line over St.-M.-Bodegem, the Saviowijk and Bijgaarden centers. The straight line can even be taken literally: on the details of the radar images, it is clear that the same houses are almost always flown over. By moving the flight path to the E40, landing planes can be directed to the Aalst region and from there to Brussels and Zaventem. The E40 and the immediate buffer zone already guarantee that densely populated residential areas will no longer be overflyed! In any case, this is already making a serious difference to the Dilbeek neighborhoods involved. “

“We then demand that the RNP approach to landing aircraft also be installed at the domestic airport as soon as possible. The RNP procedure allows landing aircraft to land via satellite data instead of the traditional radio beacons on the ground. This optimizes flight paths through more accurate navigation, has positive effects in terms of environment and safety.And above all: aircraft remain at a higher altitude for much longer during the landing process before actually landing.This procedure was also requested in the Dilbeek municipal council proposal from 2018: terrain changed. nothing yet. But “All regional civilian and military airports have had this system for some time! It is incomprehensible that this is still not installed in the national airport.”

“And finally, we ask Minister Gilkinet to ‘finally’ work on the new federal ‘Flight Act’. This must finally resolve the current disputes so that a fair distribution of air traffic to and from the national airport can be respected. the current tangle of measures – and nuisances! – has to do with the metropolitan region of Brussels, which apparently wants to carry ‘benefits’ but ‘no burdens’ be over, and that is also clear at the expense of the Flemish peripheral municipalities and also the municipalities of the Leuven district. “

“The municipal council therefore supports the affected Dilbeek residents in their call for more justice in this case. For health reasons (stress, noise pollution, …) but also economic reasons (devaluation of housing) we fully share these concerns from our residents. and the action is now up to the competent authority, “concludes Segers.

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