“Nearly zero emissions are not a utopia”

Heyboer BV’s entrepreneurial branch is at the forefront when it comes to crop care. The ‘spray team’, which operates from Zeewolde, is ready for the challenges of the future. An emission of almost zero is realistic. Yet legislation and regulations are the biggest uncertain factor, making it difficult to build a long-term vision.

“What is a forerunner today will be old-fashioned tomorrow”, says Kees Claassen from Heyboer BV. Together with the spraying team, the ten features on the chessboard are explained for optimal crop care for the contractor.

Self-propelled sprayers

Heyboer BV has three self-propelled field sprayers for conventional crops and one for organic crops, which are used to spray foliar fertilizer and green products. The agricultural company with branches in Dronten, Biddinghuizen, Zeewolde and Espel is a well-known name in agriculture when it comes to plant care. Not least because Heyboer is a leading wholesale company in areas such as seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products. “We have been active in this field for almost sixty years. Consulting and implementation in the form of contract work is part of the same company. We also carry out spray tests, which means that we are the first to see new developments, “says specialist Kees Claassen from Heyboer Loonwerk.” You must also follow this work, and that makes us specialists. “

Delvano as private label

Delvano is the house brand when it comes to self-propelled sprayers. They all have a working width of 47 meters. “We have been working with Delvano from the beginning. We were once a dealer of their worn sprayers, or with the ‘folded trees’ as they call it in Belgium. At that time, Delvano was a pioneer in self-driving vehicles. The manufacturer was also the first “with an extension system where the front and rear axles are suspended in an oscillating manner. Then others followed, such as Agrifac, which came with a pendulum shaft.” The stability of the wood means that Heyboer is still very happy with Delvano.

Peter Kamer van Heyboer BV prepares Delvano Euro-Trac 3800 for spraying.

When you open the history books, it seems that Heyboer is a leader in plant care with several applications. Is it now about, for example, lowered boom heights, magnetic inserts and pulsating nozzles and is GPS the standard? “We stopped using it in the 1990s because we also ran into regulatory restrictions. The planes went to an orange plantation in Israel. The final destination has become the scrap heap.”

Win as opponent

The permanent team for the implementation of plant care consists of Jan Jager, Harm Houtman and Peter Kamer. Kevin Boersma is the fourth man in the contract work quartet as a leisure worker. How to achieve optimal crop care? They outline the steps that Heyboer has on the chessboard. Everyone agrees on the biggest opponent: the wind.

The label determines the framework

The playground in crop care is largely determined by the labels. That is the crucial thing when it comes to the elections, says Jan Jager. “Everything depends on it. We follow the rules and try to perform the spraying as well as possible.” Restrictions in laws and regulations, and therefore also the availability of resources, often follow the mood of society. A difficult element, according to Harm Houtman. “We always start and end the day with a smile. Image, on the other hand, is one thing. spraying is almost a criminal activity. Clothing does not get us there either, but it’s so hard to explain. People are already pinching their noses even though we run out of clean water. When you see a field sprayer you get a headache. We try to do everything, what we can do. “

Ten moves on the chessboard

Curious about how Heyboer BV can achieve chess mat from optimal crop care in ten moves on the chessboard and thus make the goal of virtually zero emissions realistic? So keep an eye on our website for the article on the Ten Steps!

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Text: Martin de Vries
Photo: Heyboer BV

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