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With this selection, the Dutch theater jury wants to present an anthology of the beauty that Dutch theater has to offer. ‘A beauty that does not dazzle or obscure complacency, but which excites, disturbs and immerses the viewer in amazement. A beauty that touches you. ‘

The jury, consisting of Hadassah de Boer (chairman), Marjorie Boston, Rehana Ganga, Bram Jacobs, Sander Janssens, Christiaan Mooij, Fabian Pikula, Marijke Schaap and Dianne Zuidema, considered it a ‘luxury’ to be able to choose from a wide selection. range again. choose. ‘The public was presented with a thriving palette of exposed performances and premieres,’ they write in their jury report. The theater jury even had to pull out to be able to see the amount of new productions, often with a limited number of performances.

Funny portrait

IN BAAAAAA gives Circus crying animals according to the jury, the eternal underdog took the stage. “This provides some amazing scenes where the cast shows the most disgusting appearance of a man with smooth, rude acting. In addition to a rock-solid, layered comedy, BAAAAA also musically at a very high level. Players take advantage of a remarkably extensive musical spectrum: from alienating sound harmonies on the school stage to moving polyphonic songs. BAAAAAA is an intelligent and fun portrait of enduring group dynamics. ‘

Of The doctor brings up director Robert Icke ITA a very ambitious piece of ideas where a blistering whirlwind of current pain points and complex themes passes by. In tightly cut scenes, this performance addresses philosophical, social, and ethical dilemmas without neglecting the human dimension. The doctor is oppressively current, overwhelming and unexpectedly moving. It is a piece that makes you think about your own, inevitably subjective perspective with which you relate to the identity debate.


Girls & Boys from eastern pole: Directed by Daria Bukvić takes the Hadewych Minis viewer into a shocking story that begins as a light-hearted boy meetingsgirl story, but ends up as carbon black drama. Bukvić alternates quiet moments with energetic movement sequences that create air and space, and where the drama can resonate. With his open and honest play, Minis shows how a character should handle the greatest possible pain and tries to find a new foothold. The performance makes you gasp for air.

The monologue La Codista from the cast Wunderbaum is a beautiful philosophical gem about our view of time and use of time. The performance is gripping and liberating, in the way Marleen Scholten’s character has reconciled with her fate. Scholten raises a useful question: what should we do with excess time? La Codista shows that superfluous time is in fact far from superfluous: it is perhaps a prerequisite for meaning, creativity and relaxation.


IN Lady Chatterley’s lover research Florian Myjer and Lisa Verbelen from theater group Amsterdam (formerly De Warme Winkel) in collaboration with Frascati Productions how entrenched gender roles still hold their grip on current sexuality. Lady Chatterley’s lover is at times confrontational, but ultimately gripping in how the performers find liberation in their own marginality. Both are looking for recognition. In their growing loneliness, they find each other in a prayer for love and sex in a way that can be controlled by nothing and no one. It is brave and beautiful.

IN easier than me by director Olivier Diepenhorst at Korthals Stuurman Teaterproduktioner focuses on the story of a Javanese njai. The creators beautifully show how women managed to survive in the class societies of the day with that system of oppression. With great respect and attention, the creators have highlighted the customs of other cultures. easier than me is a story that makes room for the women’s perspective that has been missed for far too long in our colonial past.

Convoys (Orkater De Nieuwkomers) delivers with The Master and Margarita an impressive theatrical evening that blows away on all levels. In an association bad trip the spectator is playfully confronted with fascinating philosophical ideas about truth and reality. The eerie fun erupts from the stage in this breathtaking musical theater experience, where the truth is dismantled and doubt and confusion are then cheerfully rehabilitated. The Master and Margarita is a wonderful nightmare you do not want to wake up from.

IN Salomons dom takes theater maker Ilay den Boer (Likeminds, Het Zuidelijk Toneel) guides the viewer into the moral dilemmas associated with assessing an asylum application. Den Boer explicitly challenges his spectators to (dare) to examine their own moral standpoints. He creates an open, intimate atmosphere where the different perspectives are made theatrical in a subtle way is an important ethical exercise that actively challenges you to go beyond the reflexes of easy answers and quick judgments.

little human drama

Of Slaughterhouse five brings up director Erik Whien Rotterdam Theater a crushing war story on stage. With his clear director choices and perfectly dosed director actors, Whien once again proves to be one of today’s greatest directors. Through the immersive game, the characters mercilessly strike into you. The performance navigates between minor human drama and major gestures, shamelessly breaks through the fourth wall and fires miraculous stage images at the spectator that will remain burned into the retina for a long time to come.

Trojan wars from HNTjong is an overwhelming monster production that shows the audience every nook and cranny of the theater for five hours. In a thread of raw poetic dialogues, massive group choreographies, abstract movement sequences and empathetic monologues, the creators all use registers of their craft. Trojan Wars is a big theater party that mercilessly gets under the skin. At the same time, the creators are showing how political planning and power play can trigger wars. Trojan Wars is therefore timeless and extremely current.

IN Winter / 21 / J. research choreographer Ryan Djojokarso how toxic masculinity manifests itself in today’s society. Djojokarso delivers an artistically powerful and socially very urgent theatrical document. Djojokarso knows how to create crosses between the different disciplines in an impressive way. Djojokarso seeks out confusion, dares to irritate and then manages to touch in a beautiful way. A wonderfully beautiful, raw experience that creates space for confrontation and discomfort and finds great value in it.

The miraculous event with the dog at night of Theater Alliance is a nice one well made Game which takes the viewer into the protagonist Christopher’s reality, a teenager on the autistic spectrum. Director Pieter Kramer uses exuberant group choreographies, but also explicitly seeks calm. The story of Christopher is taken very seriously in this performance. It is at the same time year-Pieter Kramer: an exorbitant acting party to die for.

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