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PFAS, or poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, is a collective term for almost 5,000 different chemical substances with names such as GenX, PFOA, PFOS, PFNA and PFHxS. They are made for their water and grease-repellent properties and are used, among other things, in pans with traditional non-stick coating, baking paper and packaging with coating, such as pizza boxes. The signals are worrying about the use of PFAS in consumer products and the consequences for health and the environment. PFAS ends up in the air, soil and drinking water as residual waste from production and thus ends up in plants, animals and humans. Therefore, they are also called perpetual chemicals.

How harmful is PFAS really?

European Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority EFSA has listed all studies on the health effects of PFAS. This shows that PFAS is much more harmful than previously thought. Especially the immune system and your liver suffer from the PFAS accumulation where babies and younger children are extra sensitive to this. Compared to their low body weight, they consume relatively more PFAS. In addition, PFAS during pregnancy can lead to a lower birth weight of the baby. There are also sounds from the knowledge that PFAS in the body can negatively affect the effectiveness of a corona vaccine.

PFAS in your blood

The European Union, politics, science and also consumer programs like Radar have put PFAS high on the agenda. Therefore, plans are being made at European level to phase out PFAS by 2025. It should have completely disappeared from all kinds of products by 2030. But at the moment, all Dutch people have PFAS in their blood. In regions where a lot of PFAS is produced, such as Drechtsteden, local residents have an even higher concentration in the body.

(No) PFAS in your foreheads

The use of PFAS pans can also pose a risk. Although there is a minimal amount of harmful substances in the pan itself, there is a risk that PFAS will be released if it overheats. And this is where GreenPan comes in, because as a pioneer, the original Belgian brand has offered a PFAS-free alternative since its founding in 2007: the Thermolon coating; a ceramic non-stick coating, made on the basis of sand.

GreenPan: PFAS-free alternative

The Thermolon coating has similar properties to the traditional non-stick coating and is resistant to high temperatures up to 450 degrees. This is not always the case with other pans, which means that harmful substances can be released above 260 degrees. Thermolon is also a good heat conductor, which means that it can be used to cook on relatively low heat. And it saves energy, which is nice in these expensive times. Also nice: 60 percent less CO2 is emitted during the production of Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating than when making traditional non-stick coatings. GreenPan is therefore also good for the environment!

The GreenPan pans are not only qualitative, they also look beautiful and are easy to use. You can experience this for yourself, because we are giving away a forehead set from the beautiful Mayflower collection with a Scandinavian look & feel. The set to be won consists of two Mayflower frying pans with a diameter of 20 cm and 28 cm respectively and costs you 95 € in the shop.

What makes Mayflower special?

Healthy non-stick coating

Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating is completely PFAS-free and contains no harmful chemicals. This ceramic non-stick coating is also super smooth. You will need less oil or butter and you will not need to scrub afterwards. Healthy, fast and easy!

Unique design

The special color and wooden handles give the collection a Scandinavian look & feel.

Quality materials

Get the most out of your cooking with the high-quality aluminum design and the thick forged bottom, which heat up quickly and evenly. The Mayflower collection delivers perfect results on all fires and is easy to clean. That means less time in the kitchen and more time with family and friends!

Ceramic non-stick cookware also requires a different approach than traditional non-stick cookware. Keep your cookware in perfect condition with these tips and tricks.

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