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“I wanted to know more about sustainability and came across a book on wild picking. I have not let this go. For half a year I did research and read about eating wild plants. I have set up a platform to hold courses in wild harvesting, because you can not just eat all the plants. I also arrange wild picking walks. I show people in a city park, garden or forest what they can pick and what it is good for. I prefer to pick plants that are unpopular, such as. Japanese willowherb and stinging nettle. I call it sustainable picking because I make good use of the plants that otherwise end up in a green container. ”

How would you describe your lifestyle?

“We do not live primitively, but we live differently. Together with my in-laws, we have a house with a large piece of land that is about six acres in size. Four hectares of this are used as a kitchen garden and food forest. A food forest is an eating forest where you can find food such as nuts, fruits and wild plants everywhere, without having to sow and weed every year. About three months a year we have to buy vegetables in the store, the rest of the year we eat from our own garden. Here we grow, for example, asparagus and tomatoes. It differs from season to season what grows. We have chickens that we use for the eggs and the meat. We also use sheep for meat. I use the plants that I pick in nature for tea, as herbs or use them in dishes like a quiche. We get products like cheese and milk from an organic farmer in the area. And things that are not for sale at the farmer, such as coconut oil, chips and wine, we get from the organic supermarket. So we are not completely self-sufficient. We have solar panels, but the house is also connected to electricity, and we have tap water. ”

Why do you grow so much yourself?

“I think self-reliance is very important. We are not completely dependent on shops like ‘normal’ households. Now that everything is becoming more expensive in the supermarket, it is affecting many households and I am glad that it does not affect us so much. I am not dogmatic, I sometimes feel like chips or french fries. I do not get it in a snack bar or supermarket, but I make it myself. Delicious, french fries with homemade mayonnaise and ketchup. “

Do you train too?

“I move a lot, but I do not force myself to run for an hour. I work in the kitchen garden, which is sometimes very hard work. If I worked there one afternoon, I have muscle soreness the next day. I also walk a lot in the yard and during the wild picking trips. ”

Are you at your goal weight?

“I have not stepped on the scales in half a year. I used to do a lot of dieting and weighing because I never thought I was good enough. Because I eat organic, it no longer means anything to me, because I know that what I eat is healthy. My pregnancy has contributed to the appreciation I have for my body. I am very proud of my body that it has brought a baby healthy and well into the world. ”

What is your golden tip for a healthy life?

“You do not have to live as we do to live healthy. If you know how something grows or where your piece of meat comes from, you also know what you are putting into your body. For example, go to an organic farmer to buy your vegetables locally. By making your food less anonymous, you quickly make more conscious choices. If you want to start picking game, I recommend the plant soil shelf, also known as gardening care. It often grows in backyards. It is very tasty and tastes of carrot and parsley. It is known as Roman spinach because the Romans brought it to Holland to eat. You can use it in many different dishes such as stews, omelettes, smoothies and salads. ”

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