Van der Gijp misses Schiphol according to viewers Today Inside

That chaos at Schiphol is not so bad after all, is it? “A couple of vacations have been canceled, but otherwise …?” With those words, René van der Gijp hit the shelf last night Today inside according to many viewers completely wrong. “Van der Gijp is easy to talk to.”

It went in talk show Today inside of course on chaos, endless queues and expected summer clutter at Schiphol. The news from the airport that far fewer planes will depart and hundreds of thousands of travelers and holidaymakers will be fooled was the freshest news of the evening during the broadcast. Besides the fact that the SBS6 program can not win the Golden Television Ring again, and therefore a signature collection of tens of thousands of people has now started.

René van der Gijp is not worried about Schiphol

Table guest Leonie ter Braak gave in Today inside to avoid at Schiphol this summer. The TV producer of Children buy a house goes on holiday by car. René van der Gijp soon took the floor. He is, of course, ‘the king of putting things in perspective’ with his steady “la go dude, let it go”. Even now, when it comes to the chaos at Schiphol. Van der Gijp will fly from Eindhoven to Ibiza this summer, but says: “I do not mind Schiphol so much, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I mean: we can be really angry, but anyone with a permanent or random contract … they just solved too many people there. Under the corona it’s not so strange, right? All those planes stopped. Why would you have 2800 people walking around there at Schiphol? Is it not nonsense? They got away with a lot of it and you can not get it back now. “

“Imagine that my second holiday is coming to an end,” René van der Gijp continued, “I would not mind that much. I think it is force majeure for those people.” According to ‘Gijp’ Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop – who is sometimes missed in chaos at Schiphol – should not do anything about it.For people who can afford one holiday, the fixed Today insideguest ‘it’s really bad’. But also: “No Boeing 747 has landed at Overschie, right? A couple of vacations will be canceled soon. “

Many reactions to ‘some holidays have been canceled’

In it Today inside the debut aviation reporter Doron Sajet from NHNieuws, René van der Gijp is still spitting, especially about Dick Benschop. But especially the viewers were surprised to furious at the holiday words.

“I’m a big fan of Gijp, but here he completely misses the point,” one Hans tweeted. “Other people save for their holiday, that’s what they live on. Also need it after a whole year of hard work (40 hours a week instead of 1 hour a day). Seemed like a minister, no connection at all with others. ” Below you can read a short overview of reactions about ‘Gijp’ and Schiphol:

By the way, René van der Gijp has no social media. The reactions will largely escape him. We can, of course, guess his own reaction: “La go.”

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According to viewers Today Inside, René van der Gijp completely misses Schiphol

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