Davina Michelle and Najib Amhali new ambassadors Food Banks

Davina Michelle

Food Banks – Singer Davina Michelle and comedian Najib Amhali have been ambassadors for Food Banks Holland since November. They will join the existing team of ambassadors.

Leo Wijnbelt, Chairman of the Board of Food Banks Holland: ‘We are proud to announce that Davina Michelle and Najib Amhali will serve as ambassadors to support and draw attention to the work of food banks. They thus strengthen our large team of ambassadors, through whom we manage to make even more aware of the food banks. The attention we need to reach precisely those people who need food aid but cannot always find their way to us. ‘

Davina Michelle: ‘In the Netherlands, about 1 million people live in poverty. Together with my team, I will commit to the food banks to help people who are in this situation. We want to raise awareness about food banks and make it clear how important it is for people to keep committing. The dedication of a few hours a week as a volunteer can be enough to make a difference. ‘

Najib Amhali: ‘Unfortunately, it is still extremely important that there are food banks. What could be better than supporting families in need. And I’m speaking here from my own experience. My mother had to turn every penny to make ends meet. For us, there was no support from a food bank. But this one had been very welcome. And now I have the opportunity to support and contribute to this wonderful organization. ‘

Source: Food banks

Najib Amhalic

Author: Steffen van Beek

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