From Analogs to the Business Empire: The Great Paul McCartney-ABC

Paul McCartney turns 80 on Saturday, June 18th. His secret: no drugs since the eighties and half an hour of yoga every day.Image Getty Images

A The analogues

Would Macca know about the Amsterdam group that performs the Beatles’ repertoire from their years of study to perfection? Founder Fred Gehring was once at a party where McCartney was, he told this newspaper. “My wife went to ask him if he had heard of The Analoges. None.”

B bass guitar

Against his will, McCartney became bassist for The Beatles. He became very good at it. His playing on the four strings is characterized by a great sense of melody. In the early years of The Beatles he always played on a Höfner, a so-called violin model, later he was not so completely loyal. He is also good at guitar, keyboards and drums.

C Carpooling Karaoke

The video has since been viewed 65 million times. Such an audience can not be reached with an interview with Ivo Niehe. Not surprisingly, Paul McCartney let himself be driven through Liverpool by James Corden. From the barber shop on Penny Lane to his childhood home. That’s where the real fan got to know McCartney She loves you was practiced on the toilet.

D Death

Not everyone knows, but McCartney has been dead since November 9, 1966 and has been secretly replaced by another musician. The Beatles’ record covers and songs are full of references to his death. The bare feet of his on the front of Abbey Road: a sign of grief in Sicily! Yes, there are also conspiracy theories in pop music.

E Eastman, Linda

There were several women in his life, but she was the love of his life. In their thirty years together, Paul and Linda slept only one night apart. Contrary to popular belief, Linda Eastman – later McCartney – was not a very wealthy descendant of the Eastman Kodak family.

Paul McCartney and his wife Linda with one of their children.  The couple had three daughters and a son.  McCartney later had another daughter with Heather Mills.  Image Getty Images

Paul McCartney and his wife Linda with one of their children. The couple had three daughters and a son. McCartney later had another daughter with Heather Mills.Image Getty Images

F The fireman

Experimental group that McCartney formed with producer Youth (Martin Glover). The two made three albums spread over fifteen years. The Fireman began in 1993 as an ambient house project and ended in 2008 as a rock duo, with some songs closely linked to McCartney’s solo material. Favorite song: Sing the changes

G Come back

Mandatory viewing for those who have not seen it yet. The recreated documentary (2021) about the infamous rehearsals in 1969 that would lead to the album Leave it – but in the end, especially until the end of The Beatles -, pop voyeurism is at its best. Between the quarrel and the famous rooftop concert, we also see the McCartney song Come back improvise together.

H Heather Mills

Mother of McCartney’s youngest daughter Beatrice (now 18). The marriage to the animal rights activist lasted six years and ended in a bitter divorce, which the tabloids threw themselves into in 2008 as a flock of hyenas. The court ruled that McCartney Mills should pay tens of thousands of millions.

I saw her standing there

With the exception of George Harrison’s songs, all of The Beatles’ own songs are compositions by Lennon & McCartney. At least they are official. In practice, some songs were much more the work of one than the other. I saw her standing there, the opening track on The Beatles’ debut album, was primarily a McCartney song and one of his earliest songs. In a first version it was called seventeen

McCartney at the age of 21 in September 1963. Getty Images Image

McCartney at the age of 21 in September 1963.Image Getty Images

J Japan

He tried almost everything he did especially in the 1960s, but McCartney was not a big drug user. And he was arrested in Japan in 1980 for possession of marijuana. After serving ten days in jail, he was deported from the country without a conviction. He did not return until ten years later.

K Classical music

His Beatles songs sometimes already contained references to (modern) classical music (hear Bach’s influence in blackbirdthe effects of Stockhausen in Revolution 9), he later composed complete orchestral works such as Liverpool Oratorio and Works classically. Good for someone who can not read sheet music, he also thinks.

Lennon, John

They were once inseparable and wrote beautiful songs together, later they became diametrically opposed. Too complex to explain here exactly what it was all about (did they even remember it themselves in the end?) Lennon wrote a very ugly song about McCartney: How do you sleep?containing the phrase ‘The only thing you did was yesterday ‘† Yet the Beatle-o-logists are convinced that things would have worked out well between the two had it not been for Lennon’s 1980 assassination.

M Mull of Kintyre

Yes, even the main god of the doll produced some dragons. The sticky candy cane Ebony and ivory, a duet with Stevie Wonder, was one of them. But also We all stand, with a friendly collaboration of a seed choir and a cat in heat. But the winner in this category is Mull of Kintyrea sentimental hacker who moans and moans during an overdose of bagpipes.

N number 1

He has had a part of them. Let’s limit ourselves to America for a moment: McCartney has topped the Billboard Hot 100 with songs written or co-written by him 32 times. Twenty times with The Beatles, seven times solo or with the group Wings.

O Education

That was in 2015, when McCartney was back at his old high school, Liverpool High School for Boys, now a conservatory. He commemorated in the Paul McCartney Auditorium. “This was the auditorium. George and I were sitting here NME read. We saw Elvis. We had never heard his music, but we knew we wanted to be like him. ”

P Presley, Elvis.

“Before Elvis, there was nothing, ‘said colleague Lennon once. McCartney was on the same page, but was also heavily influenced – again as Lennon – by 1950s rockers like Little Richard, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. A meeting between The Beatles and Elvis in the 1960s was not a great success. When they visited Graceland, The Beatles were it starstruck that Elvis said, “If you just sit and stare at me, I’m going to bed.”

Q Queen Elizabeth.

“Congratulations, ma’am,” McCartney tweeted recently as the Queen celebrated her 70th birthday. In 1997, he was knighted by her, after which he was allowed to call himself Sir Paul McCartney, but their paths crossed more often. In his book published last year Lyrics he wrote that he used to be in love with her. The Beatles song written by him Her Majesty (only 23 seconds long) was an ironic love soda for her.

Paul McCartney in Ahoy, Rotterdam, during The New World Tour in October 1993. Image Getty Images

Paul McCartney in Ahoy, Rotterdam, during The New World Tour in October 1993.Image Getty Images

R Empire

McCartney still wins a fight with Mick Jagger of the Stones. McCartney is the richest artist in the world. According to the website, he was worth $ 1.2 billion in 2020. Jagger is coming to a paltry $ 500 million. The site has also calculated that a stadium performance like the one he gave sixteen in the U.S. since the end of April will save him just under $ 4 million. In the evening.

S Starr, Ringo

The only other living Beatle. McCartney has never had such a deep relationship with him as he had with George Harrison and certainly John Lennon. Paul and Ringo were just comrades† And they still are. If they happen to be in the same city, they will definitely visit each other. And, they say, there is regular facetime.

T Firs

‘When I When I’m 64 wrote, I thought it was an age where life was coming to an end, “McCartney said in a 2012 interview with AD† It is reported in the British press that he will be upgraded from Sir to Lord on the occasion of the milestone. This would make him the first pop musician to receive this honor.

You’ve sold out

Oddly enough, McCartney has never been a ticket magnet à la Bruce Springsteen in our country. In 2009, the Gelredome in Arnhem (30,000 visitors) was not completely filled. Goffertparken was also not sold out for the show on May 29, 2020. The concert was canceled due to corona and has still not been moved. For those who want to see his unofficial birthday at Glastonbury on Saturday 25 June, there is bad news: the festival is completely sold out.

V vegetar

Long before supermarkets were full of plant-based meat substitutes, McCartney and his wife Linda became vegetarians. They switched overnight in 1975, after a meat-heavy dinner on their Kintyre farm (see M). “Out of the window we saw the same animals jumping past who were on our plate. It felt wrong.”

Paul and Linda McCartney in February 1971. Image Getty Images

Paul and Linda McCartney in February 1971.Image Getty Images

W finger

McCartney’s group after The Beatles, with wife Linda on the keys. Back to basics, was originally the motto: the first tour consisted of unannounced appearances at British universities. The stadiums followed later. And big hits like JetLive and let die and Band on the run


The moon is right / The spirit is up / We are here tonight /And that’s enough† Probably for a Christmas wreath that pops up between the pine needles every December. Simply having a wonderful Christmas time is one of McCartney’s most lucrative songs. In the video clip, he plays the piano in a crowded pub wearing a woolen scarf, as if it was freezing inside and cracking.

Y Yoga

How do you stay in shape as an almost eighty-year-old pop star? The brave boy recently revealed his diet / fitness secrets. Most importantly, no drugs of any kind since the 1980s. Alcohol is allowed, but in moderation. One hour of fitness with a personal trainer five times a week and very important: half an hour of yoga every day.

From Business Empire

Paul McCartney was furious when Michael Jackson bought the music publisher ATV in 1985 with the rights to 251 Beatles songs. The two were friends, even recorded a duet (Sig Sig Sig), and it was McCartney who pointed out to Jackson how lucrative investing in music rights can be. Meanwhile, McCartney has a small portion of the rights left. Meanwhile, he was also active in the music rights market. He now owns the catalog of Buddy Holly and also the music for musicals Cool and annie† Macca’s other investments include the software company Jaunt ($ 27 million) and a property directory worth $ 120 million.

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