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The nitrogen problem explained

Last Friday, the government announced that nitrogen emissions in various parts of the Netherlands must be more than halved. It could count on a lot of protests from the farmers. At NUjij, there were many questions: what is nitrogen exactly, and what is the problem with it? We list the questions (and answers).

Reader Yamakuza_Sikamira_Kutayoto1 noted the following about the cause of the nitrogen problem:

“Look at the world map and see how small Holland is compared to the rest of the world. Then realize that we are the second largest agricultural exporter in the world. In our small country we keep more than 100 million chickens, 12 million pigs, almost 4 “Millions of cows and hundreds of thousands of sheep. 65 percent of our dairy crosses borders. We produce food for the whole world, but all the environmental consequences remain here.”

“The result is unnecessary animal suffering, the worst surface water in Europe, health problems due to fine dust, a green, monotonous grass landscape where other plants and animals have no chance, and nitrogen precipitation is such that it wastes the last piece of nature and sets our housing construction stalled. Let’s say again that we must be proud of our agricultural sector. “

“And no, it’s not the individual farmer’s fault. We’ve created this system together and we have to solve it together. But it has to be ready at some point.”

Companies on a thread

It has proved difficult for retailers and catering entrepreneurs to limit or postpone rent increases. Most landlords want to pass on inflation in full to companies, which means that their right to exist hangs in the balance, according to industry associations. Many readers took it up in the comments to the companies. Likewise, the Hebook’s opinion reads:

“Who’s shooting themselves in the foot here? A store owner who closes or goes bankrupt no longer pays rent. I have the strong impression that new tenants are not standing in line for ten rows. In fact, they are not there at all. Shoppinggade had It is already difficult, because online is cheaper and is a tough competitor. “

“Store Property Owners: If you want to make something out of it and make some money, it’s important to talk to tenants and find solutions that benefit both of you. If not, then both pull the plug.”

Purchasing power repair against inflation

Inflation continues to rise and the opposition demands repair of purchasing power. SP leader Lilian Marijnissen, for example, wants a rent freeze. GroenLinks and Labor will have an energy supplement of 500 euros.

In the discussion on NUjij, respondents agree: something must be done about inflation. But readers like Appje_W do not seem to be in favor of subsidies and supplements.

“I am against paying all kinds of surcharges, especially if one can lower prices. Personally, I do not need the energy subsidy. I am single with children, have a middle income and have felt inflation active the last month. And a half.”

“I still had room to cut back, such as catering visits. There are still some luxury items that I can drop off if need be. My youngest son leaves after school in October, saving me 190 euros a month. I am by running out of opportunities. “

“And it’s crazy, because with a middle income, you’re usually very well off. I’ve thought about why that’s the case, and I can see that my group has skipped everything. Everything does not apply to me.”

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