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This week and in the coming period there is a lot to experience at the library.

It’s going to be a fantastic carefree summer!

More books, loans longer and no fines with the Bieb Onbezorgd subscription. You can borrow up to 15 materials for 6 weeks!
Young people up to and including 17 years are free basic members and carefree for only 2 euros a month. Adults already have a carefree library life for 6 euros more per month.
Arrange it easily online via obvw.nl/lidwords or visit the library. We are happy to help you!

Thursday 23 June Book presentation Ellis van Zijll in Voorschoten Library

Have you always wondered how to write a book? Or did you ever start and get stuck? Are you completely engrossed in a good fantasy book, and then you think ‘how did you come up with this?’ Then came the book presentation by Ellis van Zijll. She talks about her writing process and has many tips for the novice writer. Ellis is giving away a signed copy of her latest book ‘Het ibis hof’ among those in attendance this evening!

Thursday 23 June | 19.30 – 21.30 | Library in Voorschoten
Members € 5 / non-members € 6, – incl. Spending
Tickets via https://www.obvw.nl/activities.html

Workshop Safe Internet in Voorschoten Library

Cookies, phishing, ransomware: these terms fly around in your head. Can we still use the internet safely? We tell you all about it at the Safe Internet Workshop!
Tuesday, June 21 | 14.00 | Advances library
Members € 6, – / non-members € 8, – incl. coffee / the

Tickets via obvw.nl/leren

Workshop Fun travel apps

There are many apps for tablets and smartphones that make it much easier to travel. You can plan (bike) routes in advance, book tickets, see and book accommodations, but also virtually look around museums! In this workshop, expectation is paramount. Using various apps you will travel virtually and discover the digital possibilities. Afterwards, you will be better prepared and the real travel fun can begin!
Tuesday 28 June | 14.00 | Wassenaar Library

Members € 6 / non-members € 8 incl. coffee / the
Tickets via obvw.nl/leren

Summer course Botanical Drawing with exclusive visit to Duivenvoorde Castle

Get to know the rich history of botanical drawing and take a trip for yourself! The start is a visit to Duivenvoorde, where the unique collectibles can be seen during an exclusive lecture, and more is told about the ancient craft. The two following course days take place in the Voorschoten library, where when the weather is good, use is made of the adjacent discovery garden to get started with the inspiration from Duivenvoorde Castle.
Course dates: Thursday 7, 14 and 21 July

Time: 10:00 to 12:00.
Cost: members € 59, non-members € 79
(incl. consumption, excl. materials)
Tickets via obvw.nl/activities

Wassenaar cinema

Tickets at the counter or via obvw.nl/filmhuis.

I’m your man

The scientist Alma works at the prominent Pergamon Museum in Berlin. To qualify for an additional research budget, she is persuaded to participate in a special study. She has to live with a true-to-life robot for three weeks, which is completely tailored to her personal needs and character. And so Alma meets Tom, the mechanical equivalent of her perfect life partner, who will do anything to make her happy.

film program

Date – Time – Movie
Sun June 19 13.00 The Bad Guys
Sun 19 June 15.15 hours The Pirates of Next Door: The Ninjas of the Other Side
Mon 20 June 20.00 I am your person
Tuesday 21 June 14.00 Operation Minced Meat
Tuesday, June 21 at 20.00 Downton Abbey: A New Era
Wed 22 June at 20. Elizabeth: A portrait in parts
Thu 23 June 13.30 Film Club
Fri 24 June 20.00 Fall for Figaro
Sat 25 June 20.00 Ich Bin Dein Mensch
Mon 27 Jun 20:00 Falling For Figaro
Tue 28 June at 14.00 I am your man
Wed 29 Jun 20:00 Fall for Figaro

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