A plant-based food delivery company is asking customers to give up a lentil snack that can cause liver damage

A vegan food delivery company, backed by Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow, has recalled a new lens product after customers suffered possible liver damage.

According to a statement from Daily Harvest, the company has received reports of French lentils and leeks causing GI problems – a euphemism that many unfortunate customers say masks the immense pain caused by their mediocre snack.

The company said it had taken “immediate steps” to allay its customers’ concerns and contacted anyone who bought the French lenses + crumbs. Daily Harvest has asked these customers to dispose of the product immediately.

But many say they were hospitalized with liver problems and gallbladder injuries after eating a fashionably packaged snack.

“If you have lentils + French shallots, throw them out and do not eat them,” the statement continues.

An email sent to at least one customer offered a credit of $ 10 per. purchased NBC News product. The email advised the customer to throw the French lentils + leek crumbs out with great caution.

“If you have French lentils and leek biscuits, throw them away and do not eat them,” The Daily Harvest said in a statement.

Rachel Drury, founder of Daily Harvest, has a net worth of $ 350 million

Notable Daily Harvest investors include Gwyneth Paltrow, healthy lifestyle expert and founder of Goop

Boston’s Luke Tashi, pictured, has terrible liver pain and gallbladder injuries from his encounter with a can of Daily Harvest lenses that crumble

On June 18, TikTok influencer Abby Silverman posted a video describing how she received a free package from Daily Harvest in May.

After eating the lentils, Silverman said she got “severe gastrointestinal pain and went to the hospital in the middle of the night, ER.”

Silverman, who has more than 100,000 followers on TikTok, said doctors can diagnose her problems. She had high levels of liver enzymes and bacteria in her urine, and staff thought she might have a urinary tract infection.

When Silverman was released, she was taking antibiotics for five days. After the fifth, the pain returned and she went back to the emergency room.

She says staff performed all sorts of tests, but they were still unable to diagnose the problem.

Silverman says she has an appointment with a liver specialist this week because her enzyme levels are still high.

At the time of the video, Silverman said she had received an email from Daily Harvest warning her of the potential health risks of her product.

Then I googled the French lentils + leek crumbs to find out that dozens of other people had exactly the same symptoms.

At one point in the video, Silverman accused The Daily Harvest of removing comments from social media to keep the scandal quiet.

Silverman speculates that because she gets a promotional package from the company, she eats lentils before making them available to the public, which is why she got sick in the first place.

She continues: “I’ve never had a health problem before I literally ate this. It’s the only way I think differently than my routine.”

Silverman warns its followers to throw the product away if they have it and contact Daily Harvest.

“I’m not the type to blow up a fire,” she concluded, “but this is really serious. People with serious health problems.

A Boston man, Luke Tachey, said in a photo with his wife Laura that he was experiencing “severe liver pain” after eating lentils.

Another customer, Luke Tashie, told NBC that he experienced “extreme liver pain” after eating lentils.

Tashi of Boston went on to say that he did not think the Daily Harvest took the issue seriously. He was taken to the hospital because of his severe pain.

“The surgeons who consulted me were so amazed that they seriously considered having the gallbladder removed,” Tashi said in a Reddit post.

His wife, Laura Tachi, wrote in a Facebook post that her husband was “in and out of the hospital” and that the Food and Drug Administration came to their home to check on the product.

Laura Tashi said they first heard about the Daily Harvest on June 17, when her husband was already being treated at the hospital. It was reported in an email that lentils can cause “discomfort” in the digestive system.

“Luke should have had a liver biopsy and he may have long-term damage that could have been caused by this product,” she added.

The post concluded: “Beware of daily harvest for now!”

People started writing about lenses on Reddit on June 15th.

Earlier in June 2022, Forbes Magazine had an article about Rachel Drury, the founder of Daily Harvest.

Drury, 39, founded the company in 2015 in Queens, New York.

Drury has a net worth of $ 350 million, and her company reports revenue of $ 250 million by 2020, according to the magazine.

“Discovering Daily Harvest was a game changer for me,” investor and NBA star Blake Griffin said in May.

Tennis star Serena Williams is another icon who has invested in Daily Harvest

NBA star Carmelo Anthony is one of the investors in the company

Renowned chef Bobby Flay also supports Daily Harvest

The company is valued at approximately $ 1.1 billion. Popular investors in the company include tennis star Serena Williams, NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin, Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

In May 2022, Griffin and Anthony teamed up with Daily Harvest to launch a program called Eat the Solution to encourage people to eat organic fruits and vegetables every day.

“Throughout my career, I have continued to develop how to best care for my body and found that Daily Harvest has been a game changer for me,” Griffin said at the time.

He continued: “With this investment, I look forward to working closely with Rachel and the Daily Harvest team to educate the next generation about the impact of eating more organic fruits and vegetables every day on our body and our planet.”

Drury told Forbes: “I created the Daily Harvest to rethink how food can feed humanity and the planet. We make it easy to eat more sustainably produced fruits and vegetables, and the more we grow, the more we can do. We lay the foundation for a better future.

Drury went on to say that Daily Harvest picks up its food from about 400 farmers across the country. Their crops are frozen 24 hours after harvest.

The introduction to Daily Harvest welcomes users with: “Never out of season. Cooking food based on sustainable fruits and vegetables, delivered directly to you.

French lentils + leeks are described on the website as tasting like an “herbal lentil burger”. Three servings of the product cost $ 9.79. Under the price it says: “This item has been paused.”

Customer reviews of the product have been mixed and the recent compliments are “very good indeed and easy to make.” Another says, “Not great. Not the best texture.”

The company’s crumbs have a different taste, walnut + thyme.

Daily Harvest says internal and external investigations have been conducted to determine the source of the problem.

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