Art Rotterdam arranges spring edition – Mixed Grill

Art Rotterdam, summer 2021 (Photo: Almicheal Fraay)

Art Rotterdam takes place from Thursday the 19th to Sunday the 22nd of May. It is already the 23rd edition of this art fair and it is celebrated this year with this special spring edition. The Van Nelle factory, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has again been chosen as the location.

Art Rotterdam is once again making a big splash during this edition. The outdoor area, for example, houses a record number of seventeen large works and installations, most designed specifically for this occasion. At the same time, there is also a lot to experience inside. On a floor area of ​​10,000 m2, more than 100 leading national and international galleries showcase the work of future and established talents.

The 23rd edition introduces two valuable innovations: the video section Projections gets a whole new format, and a major expansion is planned for Prospects, Mondriaan Fund’s exhibition.

Work outside

Art Rotterdam 2022 has a real spring character. This is especially evident in the outdoor area. Here, leading galleries and project rooms present a record number of impressive outdoor works. With the work is called The blues artist Onno Poiesz public welcome. The work is intended as festive, but is also a reference to war and pandemic, or the contemporary blues that dominate the beginning of 2022.

Furthermore, the artist presents Tim Wes the installation Trauma Triggers Triumph. In this work, Wes, jazz saxophonist, singer and visual artist, shows that the concept of uomo universale is still relevant. In Trauma Triggers Triumph, he tells his and many others’ stories with films, music, canvas and objects. In addition, there is a live installation of the artist in the outdoor area Toine Dutch Bushman Klaassen to see. And on top of the Van Nelle factory, the flag Equilibrium Wind van is waving Thierry Oussou† Equilibrium Wind is part of the project that the artist has developed in recent years on the cotton plantations in the Panouignan district of Benin. The flag represents all people working in the shadows.

Fons Hof, Director Art Rotterdam: “Remarkable this edition is the high number of socially engaged outdoor presentations with references to the world around us. Climate, pandemic and populism alternate with humor and longing ”.


The video section Projections is organized in a completely new form. The video presentations take place at the stands of the selected galleries, which are given an extra video room especially for this purpose. The new set-up gives artists and gallery owners the opportunity to show their contribution from a broader perspective.


The Mondriaan Foundation presents the Prospects exhibition for the 10th time in a row. Art is shown here, which was partly made possible thanks to a contribution from the Mondriaan Foundation. New this year is the expansion of Prospects in the Expedition Building, just opposite the entrance to Art Rotterdam. 88 visual artists participate in Prospects. The curator of the exhibition is the experienced guest curator Johan Gustavsson† He gets help from junior curator Gabija Seiliute

The Prospects campaign image refers to Pivot, a work of Tarona in collaboration with the professional dancer Chanel Vyent. Pivot opens with a quote from actress Tonya Pinkins: “When black bodies are on stage, black perspectives need to be reflected.” What happens when a black performer decides not to live up to the expectations of a white, Eurocentric audience? The dancer in Pivot dances, in a brilliant golden-yellow dress, while the image slows down more and more.

NN Art Award

One of the highlights of Art Rotterdam is the awarding of the NN Art Award to a contemporary art talent. The four nominated artists are: Inez de Brauw (Brinkman & Bergsma), Vitautas Kumza (Martin van Zomeren Gallery), Thierry Ousso (Lumen Travo Gallery) and Jennifer Tee (Gallery Fons Welters). Their works can be seen in the special NN Art Award stand.

About Art Rotterdam

Art Rotterdam is an important trade fair for contemporary art in the Netherlands. Each year, it offers a stage for the latest developments in the visual arts. The sharp focus on young art, the wide range of offers, the connection to the city of Rotterdam and the fascinating location give Art Rotterdam a unique look. is Art Rotterdam’s online platform. It supports potential art buyers with a future purchase. The site maintains an extensive database of artworks, exhibitions and artist profiles. The more than 90 participating galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium have been selected for their high quality offerings.

Rotterdam Art Week

Art Rotterdam is part of Rotterdam Art Week. This art week is held this year from 18 to 22 May. Again there is a lot to see and experience in Rotterdam. Various fairs are planned for art, design and architecture enthusiasts. There are also special openings of exhibitions at museums and art institutions, and there is a wide range of pop-up exhibitions, open studios and Do It Yourself routes for the public.

Art Rotterdam 2022
Onno Poiesz, The blues / The blues, 2022. Courtesy Opperclaes – Buitenwerk
Art Rotterdam 2022
Inez de Brauw, Gangserie, ‘Opening’, oil and acrylic on wood panels, epoxy, without white edge. Courtesy Brinkman & Bergsma – NN Art Award
Art Rotterdam 2022
Ana Oosting, Tomopteris Micans (Photo: Pieter Kers) – Prospects / Mondriaan Fund
Art Rotterdam 2022
Tarona, Pivot, 2020, Slow – Prospects / Mondriaan Fund
Art Rotterdam 2022
Jennifer Tee, Tampan the collected bodies. Courtesy Gallery Fons Welters – NN Art Award
Art Rotterdam 2022
Tim Wes, Trauma Triggers Triumph, 2022, Installation (Photo: Art Director Tim Wes and photographer René Huwaë) – Buitenwerk
Art Rotterdam 2022
Memory Christmas, Constant Companion, 2021, 4K, 16: 9, color, stereo, 7.89 min cycle. Lent by Annet Gelink Gallery – Projections
Art Rotterdam 2022
Roosje Verschoor, Hot Potato, 2020-2021 – Prospects / Mondriaan Fund
Art Rotterdam 2022
Toine Dutch Bushman Klaassen, Not For Sale, 2022, Performative site-specific installation. Courtesy Art Agent Orange – Outdoor work
Art Rotterdam 2022
Thierry Oussou, Equilibrium Wind, flag, 2021. Courtesy Lumen Travo Gallery and the artist (Photo: Tymélia Zanifé-Olory) – Buitenwerk
Art Rotterdam 2022
Ghita Skali, The Invaders, 2021, Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Prospects / Mondriaan Fund

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