Lomb’ART exhibits art by local artists

On Saturday, the art exhibition Lomb’Art, a presentation of local amateur artists from Middelkerke, opened in the holiday home De Zeekameel’s new Utopia room in Lombardsijde. On Sunday you can still go there to see the excellent works of 15 artists.

Marie-Claire Mercy (67) was one of the founders of Lomb’ART. “Patrick Van Craynest was my neighbor in Nieuwpoort, a fisherman’s son, an art lover and very committed to the local people. I moved to Lombardsijde because of my marriage, and soon after, my old neighbor came to live nearby again. ”

The sea camel

The two art lovers found each other again and took both painting lessons at Westhoek Academy in Koksijde (WAK). “We were annoyed that there were always exhibitions in Westende and Middelkerke, but never in Lombardsijde.”

“Patrick is someone who, if you light a small fire, immediately starts a forest fire. He got started and we asked for collaboration with Lieselot and Bart van De Zeekameel. They thought it was a great idea and so we got started. That was four years ago, and now it is only our second exhibition after the years of misery, ”says Marie-Claire.

donkey farmers

The theme this year is Lombardsijde and the sea. The people of Lombardsijde lived partly from fishing but also from horticulture. Gardeners or gardeners often called the donkey a herd animal. This ensured that their fresh vegetables arrived on time at the markets in the surrounding municipalities and the towns of Nieuwpoort and Ostend. In 1866, Lombardsijde reportedly numbered fifty donkey farmers.

Marie-Claire Mercy depicts the vegetable growing for which Lombardsijde was so famous at the time. In addition, there is also a painting of Our Lady Sterre de zee, a statue found on the beach in 1596 and still revered by fishermen from miles around. Also a painting of one of the thirteen modern stained glass windows about Our Lady of Lombardsijde’s miracles.


The two legendary fishing figures – the Icelandic boatman Pette Corteel and Maine Chique – were created by Christiane Vanpraet.

Dany Creve’s paintings are cheerful and colorful. If you look closely, you will always see a figure and a heart in his works. He made a special work about the origin of the Sea Camel.

Freddy Vlaemynck learned his craft in the open air in France, where he learned to work with contrasts and of real Impressionists and Fauvists. He paints something special around the donkey procession.

Dynamic ocean waves

Peter Standaert, aka Pest, is a cartoonist and makes art with humor. Frieda Moerman painted ‘Ever Green’ her husband’s beautiful orphanage, in 171 Lombardsijdelaan, which has since been demolished to make way for holiday homes.

Inspired by his environment, Lu Lambrechts paints colorful and dynamic ocean waves based on his gut feeling.

Leen Vanheerswynghels paints sea landscapes with watercolors and tries to pamper her by painting free creations.

Canal swimming

Diana Dewaele and her husband have been engaged in canal swimming for 19 years with two successful swimmers from Lombardsijde. Her husband John’s sudden death has touched her deeply, and that is how she began to paint sea landscapes.

Lily Wille has been painting watercolors for 15 years. It seems like an easy painting technique, but it still requires a lot of concentration and technique. In addition to two easels, she painted Lombardsijde seen from the other side of Yzer and ‘t Molentje, in the garden of the former textile shop’ Het Molentje ‘in Lombardsijdelaan.

Creative Westende

Lucienne Verluyten has lived in Westende for 23 years and is married to Eddy Stevens. Lucienne mainly paints flowers and natural landscapes, and Eddy prefers animals and flowers. He is the founder and chairman of Kreativa Westende and is looking for creative people.

Lut Rossey’s works consist mainly of collages of etchings, needlepoint, woodcuts, linocuts and material prints on canvas. The works hanging here are a collage of thorn needles on canvas of the piles in Lombardsijde.

Robert Vanheerentals’ work that catches the eye is a still life of the famous Lombardsijd ‘green’.

The odd one is Luc Baert, he is the only artist in the company who works with wood. He once started during the rescue service with a knife and a piece of wood that had been washed ashore. Making something out of a piece of solid wood is not always the easiest way. (PG)

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