Sustainable Doer Fons van Dijk speaks

Everyone can do something for the climate. It can be something big or small. Cheap or expensive. One has its floor insulated while the other will waste less food. Doing something for the climate can be done in many ways. Sustainable Doer Fons van Dijk, is chairman of the Nature and Environment Association in Heusden Municipality (NMVH). Fons has been a member of this active association with no less than 290 members since it was founded 40 years ago. Fons takes us into the world of biodiversity.

We meet Fons in Drunen on Duinweg on a plot of 5 ha, which is owned by the association. A blueberry nursery used to be on this plot. The land is now owned by Heusdense Natuur- en Milieuvereniging. A beautiful location where nature can take its course and where there is a great diversity of plants and animals.

A wide variety of plants and animals that occur in an area we call biodiversity. Biodiversity is closely linked to the climate. Global warming is reducing biodiversity, especially in residential areas. Biodiversity is therefore becoming increasingly important.

“Our ‘butterfly man’, Paul Krijger, has seen no less than 360 species of moths at the site of Natuur en Milieu Vereniging, which has a lot of biodiversity. Not only moths, but also countless insects, bats, birds of prey, badgers and deer, with now many calves are found in the area. Only 3 kilometers away live only 25 species of moths in Breedveld Park. “

No torn garden with lots of tiles
It goes without saying that in a residential area where people live and work, there are fewer plants and animals. Still, people can do something about it themselves. ” “People may need to change their thinking a bit. A nice torn garden with lots of tiles is not really good for nature. As a result, climate change, which means we have more extreme weather with heavy rainfall, can cause floods.
Interrupting the sewer system, exchanging tiles for plants, buying a rain barrel or a green roof are often simple solutions with which people themselves can improve biodiversity. It is good to see that our residents are also positive about this. As part of Village Nature, for example, no less than 8,000 plants and nest boxes have recently been issued for gardens in Venne-Oost and Vliedberg-Vlijmen. ”

Municipal politics
Volunteers from Natuur- en Milieuvereniging help the municipality with less maintenance. Furthermore, the association is always in consultation with the municipality about the management of the municipal green area. They are happy that the municipality no longer cuts so often and chooses herbaceous edges. The policy of no longer using pesticides in weed control and the subsidy opportunities in the field of sustainability are also welcomed. But there are definitely areas for improvement. For example, the issue of nitrogen in connection with building plans and the decision to cut down 10% of the tree stock is not really something that benefits the biodiversity in a residential area.

Young people have the future
The Nature and Environment Association is dependent on many volunteers. Most older people who have been loyal to the association for years. By informing the schools, they also want to inform children about the importance of biodiversity.

“Fortunately, we are getting more and more applications from children and young people who are more and more interested in nature and recognize the importance of biodiversity. There is also a close collaboration with HAS from Den Bosch. Young people between the ages of 18 and 22 who, for example, want to become a biologist and who are very consciously involved in nature. They give us good and useful tips and we can also learn a lot. A great development, because youth is the future! ”

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