The Volkskrant TV selection for Tuesday 21 June

Denzel Washington and John Goodman in The Fallen by Gregory Hoblit

au pairs

NPO 3, 20.25

Four Dutch young people leave for the USA in a new season of Au pairs, where they will work for three months with host families in Miami. They become responsible for the household, but also have to keep the children in line. In the first episode, Emma, ​​Noah, Imre and Wendie say goodbye to family and friends. The arrival in Miami comes as a shock to Emma, ​​who grew up in a village on Zealand. Noah has to deal with sexism and racism, and Wendie ends up in a chaotic household with three wayward daughters.

Midnight Special

SBS 9, 20.30

(Science Fiction, Jeff Nichols, 2016) Pleasantly confusing sci-fi from Jeff Nichols (mudlove† Why was 8-year-old Alton kidnapped by his father? What’s up with the glasses on his head? Alton and his father (Michael Shannon) are being hunted by sects, the FBI and the NSA, but appear to be on the run from something much bigger. While Nichols draws the viewer into restless action scenes, he releases strictly dosed pieces of information. The direction remains tight and confident, even as events become increasingly strange and imaginative.

Jaeden Martell and Michael Shannon in Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special Image

Jaeden Martell and Michael Shannon in Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special

Safe house

Veronica, 8:30 p.m.

(Action, Daniel Espinosa, 2012) CIA owner in Safe house high-security apartments around the world, where interrogation, protection and blackout can take place at any time. As a result, the internationally sought-after ex-agent Frost (Denzel Washington) ends up in the rookie Weston’s (Ryan Reynolds) South African ‘safehouse’. In the beginning, Weston only has to lug buckets and towels for waterboarding, but after a serious exchange of shots, he and Frost stand together and the work can begin. The beginning of the film is especially compelling.

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in Daniel Espinosa's Safe House Image

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds in Daniel Espinosa’s Safe House

Naked in front of the class with the sex sisters

NPO 3, 21.18

Many young people see sexting – posting nude photos of themselves online – as a way to flirt or explore their sexuality in a safe way. Every fifth young person sometimes sends such a picture, and in Nude in front of the class with the sex sisters, Krista and Marcelle Arriëns ask why they do it. They also talk to Ana, for whom sexting took an ugly turn when her picture went around the school without being asked. Is it wise to only mention the dangers of sexting in sex education, or does it also have a pleasant side?

Whistleblowers: Inside the UN

BBC 2, 22.00

For 70 years, the UN has been a symbol of human rights and world peace. The BBC documentary The Whistleblowers: Inside the UN shows what happens when the seemingly honest institution itself is accused of abuse. The UN has more than 35,000 staff around the world who often enjoy immunity and are therefore, in a sense, above the law. Whistleblowers have exposed dishonesty in various UN units in recent years, ranging from sexual harassment to corruption in management.

Casper’s colors

NPO 2, 22.24

In a six-part documentary series, artist Charlotte Caspers makes a journey through the world of colors. In The Colors of Caspers, she examines how pigments and paints are made and where the raw materials for colors come from. The first section is about the color red. Before artificial pigments were developed, the eggs of the cochineal lice were used for this purpose. Caspers explains why the color red is associated with socialism and why Queen Elizabeth I’s red lipstick was so dangerous.


Veronica, 10:45 p.m.

(Thriller, Gregory Hoblit, 1998) After a serial killer has been killed, the deaths continue. Decreasedin its sharp tone and style resembling the serial killer classic Se7en (1995), makes this bizarre premise plausible thanks to excellent plays by Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Donald Sutherland. This investigative team of police in an unnamed city – who knows the locations, reveals this gray place like Philadelphia – is gradually becoming convinced of supernatural conditions. The key is included Time is on my side of The Rolling Stones, which the killer sang during his execution, which can also be heard in some eerie scenes on the street. Never has the Stones sounded so creepy.

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