Excursions in Friesland: Forest, walk through Joure, Peer Gynt, Claire Adams and Sânderoer

Visit Bosk, the hiking forest through Leeuwarden. Walk along historic sites in Joure. Or visit the theater performance ‘Sânderoer’ at a decontaminated landfill. Five tips for fun excursions in Friesland.

Forest: goose forest through Leeuwarden

For a hundred days (until August 14), another part of the center of Leeuwarden turns green again and again. More than a thousand large and small trees run through the city. From Monday, they will now be on Gouverneursplein, Raadhuisplein and Hofplein. This ‘wandering’ forest gives the trees – and thus nature – a voice: What can we learn from trees, and how does the forest view the human world?

The forest plays with your senses and, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, provides a new root network of connection. Bosk is a moving art installation and art project with a program of performances and exhibitions. It follows a 3.5 kilometer long route through the center of Leeuwarden and moves from place to place. More information about the project and the route can be found at www.bosk.frl

Leeuwarden – Center, daily until 14 August, free

Take a walk along many historic sites

This summer, Het Gilde Joure and VVV Waterland van Friesland are once again hosting Jouster Kuierke. The trip to Vlecke Joure (no village and no town) is for visitors, tourists and others interested. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a route full of interesting historical facts starts at 13.30 from the tourist office on Midstraat 99.

Walk with a guild guide along old facades, historic buildings and through narrow streets. During the day the trip walkers have the opportunity to see the historic courtroom of the ‘Jouster Toer’, where minor offenses from a distant past were immediately tried.

Joure – VVV, Tues and Thurs until 21 September 13.30, 4.50 euros

‘Peer Gynt’ in new jacket

North-East Fryslân has an enthusiastic group of young theater enthusiasts: Masquerade Theater Jongerein. On Friday, they premiere the outdoor game Pear Gynt in a location in the middle of nature in Oudwoude. Pear Gynt is the story of a boy who prefers to live in a fantasy world. He seeks wealth and power, travels the world, but eventually finds his happiness close to home.

Masquerade Theater Youth has adapted the classic by the Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen to his own version. Twenty primarily young players have done their best to bring the Frisian language and culture closer to the people with the playful adaptation of this piece. A dynamic elm loft for young and old with spectacle, remarkable costumes and surprising elements, including a live band.

Oudwoude – Beyond Simmerwei 9, Fri, Sat and Sun at 20:00 (Sun 3 July also at 2.30 pm), 10 euros (up to and including 18 years 7.50 euros)

Dual talent focuses on music and social engagement

Claire Adams (1996) performs on Saturday night at Pakhûs SOLO in Stiens and can rightly be called a double talent. The Dutch and Spanish, musician and philosopher, soprano and violinist play new music for song and violin playing in her program Inconsistency † At a young age, Adams is a versatile musician and fascinating personality: trained soprano and violinist, philosophy student, winner of the Jacques de Leeuw Prize in 2019 and selected for the Music Hub Brabant 2020. During her concert is not only music but also social engagement central. Adams connects lyrical vocals to a crystallized violin sound and sets up topics from a divided society, with the aim of mapping internal tensions and conflicts and illuminating them through boundless sounds.

Three composers wrote a new work in which song and violin playing are intertwined: there is a modern interpretation of Schubert’s winter trip, then a piece that conveys a message of an underground repository for radioactive waste and finally a resounding form of compassion. For the full program and tickets, visit www.pakhussolo.nl.

Stiens – Warehouse SOLO, Fri kl. 20.15, 17.50 euros (up to 18 years 9 euros)

Location theater on a decontaminated waste site | Advertising

After Creation (2020) on the plot next to the dairy factory in Workum, the theater group De Paupers is now holding a theater performance at ‘Jiskepôle’ in the same town. The project knows the name Sander (to heaven) because ‘Trash can’ was recently decontaminated. That means a meter of sand over the illegalities. That’s how they solve their problems. Let’s forget that. Then you do not see it anymore. Then it’s gone.

The play is a funny and sad story about solving big problems. IN sanderoer the theater expresses their peculiar meaning of how we look away from our earthly greed and destructiveness.

Workum – Trash can (v / m landfill), Thursday 22.30 (then various dates up to and including 9 July), 18.50 euros

You can find more excursions on lc.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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