Cultural infrastructure and offerings in Brabant score modestly

The Dutch cultural sector was hit hard during the corona crisis. Also in North Brabant, the institutions’ offerings and activities fell drastically, but this fall is not greater than elsewhere in the country.

The 2022 Value of Culture Monitor shows that Brabant’s cultural infrastructure and cultural offerings are still modest compared to other provinces. This conclusion can be drawn, among other things, from the third edition of Value of culture. The multi-year research follows the development of the cultural sector in North Brabant. The report was presented on Tuesday, June 21st.

The Value of Culture 2022 monitor – a study conducted by Kunstloc Brabant, Het PON & Telos, Pyrrhula Research Consultants and Boekmanstichting – shares new insights into the cultural sector in Brabant. Especially now, after two corona years, it is important to consider and interpret the sector based on facts and figures. The research provides important insights for everyone involved in culture in Brabant, such as administrators, policy makers, but also cultural professionals and researchers. Value of culture 2022 describes current trends and developments in the (Brabant) cultural sector until the end of 2021 based on facts and figures.

Concerns and opportunities
Over the past two years, the number of cultural visitors has dropped enormously, and culture has become a less and less important part of their lives for the Brabants. As a result, many individual creators and artists have run into financial and personal problems and have begun to look for work elsewhere. One of the consequences was the declining employment in the cultural sector. The labor market in the sector was already particularly vulnerable in Brabant and has come under further pressure. Concerns about the lack of work among decision-makers and about staff shortages in institutions are greater in Brabant than in the rest of the country. But they also see opportunities to, for example, organize the work differently. Researchers express hope that governments and institutions will address the concerns and opportunities.

A series of results from Value of Culture 2022

Cultural offerings lag behind
Brabant has a low average location when it comes to cultural facilities and offerings. This is striking as Brabant is the third province in the country in terms of size and population. At the same time, people from Brabant consider art and culture important to society, even in corona times. Young people from Brabant in particular attach great value to culture. In the corona years, people from Brabant are a little more moderate in terms of the contribution of art and culture to various social aspects, such as encounters between people, well-being and the role of art and culture in a neighborhood or a neighborhood.

The cultural spending of Brabant governments is rising less rapidly than elsewheres
The cultural spending of Brabant governments is rising slightly but less rapidly than elsewhere in the Netherlands. The municipalities are still the largest public cultural funders. In Brabant, the cultural expenditure per. per capita slightly declining.

Cultural education and amateur art
The number of culture students at MBO in Brabant is increasing, while the number at HBO and WO level is declining. HBO masters, on the other hand, are on the rise. The need for development among the cultural practitioners in Brabant is increasing: more lessons and courses are being followed. Amateur art associations in Brabant are also socially involved, in Brabant more than elsewhere.

The above is a selection of the information and insights that Value of Culture 2022 offers. The publication can be downloaded from Here is also how a hard copy can be ordered.

The value of culture 2022
The value of culture 2022: the state of the cultural sector in North Brabant is an initiative of Kunstloc Brabant, Het PON & Telos, Pyrrhula Research Consultants and Boekmanstichting on behalf of BrabantStad.

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