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Last Saturday, after a (too) long break, we finally reunited with our subscribers. We did this in a special and Tweakers-worthy place: HomeComputerMuseum in Helmond. It was a successful day with lots of fun, delicious sausage rolls, ice cold beers and a real journey through time in computers.

To some of you, HomeComputerMuseum may sound familiar. I 2017 tweaker WHiZZi an appeal to raise money for the decoration and decoration of the museum, which will then open its doors in 2018. He is now a sponsor of our subscription lottery, and many subscribers have already won a ticket and paid a visit. The museum offers an interactive time travel through the history of the (home) computer and related devices through rooms in the style of the relevant years. The collection includes MSX, Commodore, Philips and Tandy computers, many of which can be seen working. There is also a specialist repair shop and an arcade café.

Despite the tropical temperatures, we were able to welcome a large number of subscribers. Luckily, there was air conditioning inside and people sighed in relief as they entered the coolness. After a fresh roll sausage and a refreshing drink, it was time for a welcome word from moon sugar (who was very happy to finally see some subscribers in person again) and the day could start. Many a tweaker could probably have enjoyed themselves for hours at the museum, but it would not be Tweakers Subscriber Day without a series of specially planned activities.

The entrance to the HomeComputerMuseum in Helmond

For example, Product Owner Sander (also known on the forum as icon) our ideas for a Tweakers Plus archive page, which resulted in fun and valuable feedback sessions. Each session ended with a study from which we can include input. Such sessions are important to us in shaping future developments and improvements on the site. In addition, of course, it is also great to see the faces behind the nicknames.

tweak 5erveD was there to give a demonstration of extreme overclocking. Armed with a specially designed Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Tachyon motherboard, it clocked an Intel Core i9 12900KS processor at 6.7 to 6.8 GHz. Such clock speeds, of course, required cooling of liquid nitrogen. In the Cinebench R20, 5erveD at 6.7 GHz achieved a score of 10632 points with the E-cores disabled; wPrime could even run at 6.8 GHz. To the surprise of many subscribers, the processor was not only cooled during the overclocking session, but also regularly heated with a gas burner. That because of cold boot error which prevents the system from starting up after a crash if the processor is too cold.

In the boardroom of the museum director WHiZZi During his presentation, news coordinator Olaf gave a behind-the-scenes look at the editorial staff, especially how the editors make background articles. The television on which the slides were shown was in itself a museum work. The mercury rose to great heights on this tropical day, in contrast to the oxygen level, but it did not ruin the pleasure. Olaf shared, among other things, how longer stories arose in short news, observed trends, pure luck and tips from community members, with examples of how this had been the case with published articles. After this ‘story behind the stories’, there was a Q&A, in which the review editors Jurian, Tomas and Friso were also involved. Subscribers indicated, among other things, that they would like more insight into how office staff perform their work, which is valuable feedback.

WHiZZi tells his story about Aesthedes 2.

A memorable moment that has stuck with many is the special demonstration we received in the afternoon of Aesthedes 2, a graphic computer system of Dutch origin, with which, among other things, the 25-gold banknote and the Heineken logo were designed. With outside help, the museum’s staff have done everything they could to ensure that the apparatus works 95%. The story WHiZZi told about this was like a movie. He stated that he is still looking at the possibilities of doing something about it.

The combination of all the cool things we saw with the good atmosphere during the sessions and drinks, means that we are already looking forward to next year’s subscription day!

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