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From 24 June, the exhibition ‘Choose ART, the enthusiast’s choice’ can be seen in Kunst Centrum Haarlem. Regular visitors to the Dreef exhibitions at the Provincial House of North Holland selected their favorite works of art from the art library collection. Every art lover has his own preference and interest. Together, the selected works of art form a beautiful picture of the diversity of the works of art from Kunst Centrum Haarlem’s art library.

To put together the exhibition, 16 visitors to the Welgelegen Pavilion had the opportunity to choose art. Some art lovers had never been to art lending at Gedempte Oude Gracht, others familiar with the concept, have been members or are active art lenders. Everyone agrees that it’s fun to borrow art. The 35 selected works of art often contain very personal opinions about the work of art. The artists for this exhibition are: Arita Immerzeel, Gloria Joosten, Simone Memel, Rosa Navarro, Gerda Truus Pieters-van Genderen, Marja Ploeger, Ed Prins, Faisal Rajjab, Linda de Ree, Eduard Regenboog, Monique Rooijmans, Kees Schabbing, Lidia Schoonderbeek, Barbla Tanner, Annette de Vries and Anita van der Weg.

Personal choices
The motivation for choosing a particular work of art is always personal and therefore very varied. One of the art pickers, Monique Rooijmans, chose a painting: I spontaneously chose works of art for my purposes. I call the painting ‘Benoni’ by Els van Rijssel ‘The hesitant boy’, it is so touchingly drawn in one knife-thin line. He reminds me of a newspaper picture I saw of a class of refugee children. They need to start feeling a little safe and at home in a very unknown country while experiencing things that many adults have not had to experience. It makes you hesitate.

Another art pick, Ed Prins, chose an etching by Ronald Tolman and expressed his choice as follows: I began to look at larger works of art that could have a relationship with the province and society. In Ronald Tolman’s work ‘Obelisks’, I see a representation of people standing on a pedestal and people standing under it, whereby several associations are possible. Have people put themselves on a pedestal? Put the people below them on a pedestal? Is there disagreement during the pedestal or even disgust for those standing on the pedestal? I think the etching is beautifully made with its own use of color.

Arita Immerzeel chose a painting by Hannes Kuijper because a Haarlem artist should not be missing from this exhibition: Hannes Kuiper is the first name that came to mind. His work is cheerful, colorful and never bores me. I have one of his little wooden cows at home, once borrowed from the art library and paid off in stages. The choice was great. I thought, go, do not hesitate. I chose Hannes because it’s a fun job.

Rosa Navarro chose a picture and says about it: I really like the picture of ‘Movement II’ by Manon Hertog. There is real movement in it but also a hypnotic quality you can watch it for hours. And the light that comes through the green glass. Beautiful!

The connection with the province of North Holland
The province of North Holland financially supported the art center – formerly SBK Kennemerland – in the first years to develop and implement the art lending concept. Since 2008, the art library in Haarlem has been an independent foundation with independent management. Kunst Centrum Haarlem has developed into a gallery, art library and shop to see, borrow and buy art and design. Simone Memel, curator of the province of Noord-Holland and responsible for the exhibitions in the Paviljoen Welgelegen, opens the exhibition on Saturday 25 June at 15.00

Kunstcenter Haarlem
CHOOSE ART, the lover’s choice
June 24 – August 29, 2022
Opens Saturday, June 25 at 15.00 Everyone is welcome.
Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00.

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