ISK celebrates World Refugee Day with a picnic and music festival


WINTERSWIJK – On Monday 20 June, around 140 students from ISK will be present in the schoolyard and in the garden at the ISK (International Schakelklas) location on Hakkelerkampstraat for a picnic on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

By Lineke Voltman

June 20 has been officially World Refugee Day since 2001, an international day designated by the UN to honor refugees around the world. World Refugee Day is an opportunity to increase empathy and understanding of their situation and recognize their resilience in rebuilding their lives.

Second ISK for Ukrainian youth
Baukje Noordhoek, art teacher and integration coordinator for ISK, is one of the organizers of this day. “In 2018, I had already been aware of World Refugee Day with an exhibition of self-portraits of students in Jacobskerk, and in 2019, the students made a large tent of canvases with sayings and assignments on. This tent stood in the village and has attracted many visitors. This year we have chosen to arrange a picnic for all students because ‘eating together is connected’. For some time now, there has been another ISK place in Beatrix Park where Ukrainian children are taught. They are also present today, a great opportunity to meet and get to know each other better. ”

Jacqueline Houwerzijl, a teacher in care and people and society, took care of the picnic together with her class assistant and an intern. “We have Turkish bread, homemade tzatziki, hummus, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers, fruits and various drinks. We have been busy making everything and getting it ready from 9:00 this morning. ”

Switch to further education
“ISK, which is part of Gerrit Komrij College, is there for young people for whom Dutch is not their mother tongue,” says Noordhoek. “These students come from all over the world and come to the Netherlands for various reasons. ISK is an important part of the preparation for further education and the adaptation to Dutch culture. In addition to many hours of Dutch, students at ISK also get other subjects such as arithmetic, people and society, ICT , care and career orientation. ”

Music Festival
After the picnic, they went together to the Boogie Woogie Cultural Center, where a music festival with various performances was held. In a really good mood, there were beautiful performances to watch and listen to by the Rural Funk Collective, the choir of the Marianum school community that sang in the video ‘Words for Peace’. In addition, a band from this school performed with the song ‘Drive Home’, sublimely performed in the photo book ‘Weg naar een onder eennieuwe Toeloos’ by Bernard de Graaf. The pictures gave an insight into the life of the former ISK student Kamiran. The winner of Kei van Komrij 2022, Julian Mokhtar, also delighted the listeners.

Since March this year, the students of the International Schakel Klas (ISK) from Gerrit Komrij College (GKC) have had music lessons by teachers in Boogie Woogie. What has been achieved in a short time was demonstrated by the djembe and percussion group, who wonderfully accompanied dance students, Hassan with a homemade beat and the guitar students, who could accompany the music with a few chords.

There is still a need for attention to refugees
That stories should be told, whether they are emphasized with music or not, the rapper Jamaica (Almutasum) showed in his own text entitled ‘Life is a gift’. Students of obs de Bataaf stressed the importance of language with the song ‘Praat Nederlands met me’ by Kenny B. Finally, a touching story of Isaac stressed why attention to refugees remains necessary.

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