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Nothing is planned this weekend, but would you like to do something? Marie Claire tips! You will not want to miss this coming weekend.

Afternoon sea

Bowls full of oysters, mussels, crabs and lobster: The fruit season is open again! With a glass of white wine, this is ultimate enjoyment under the sun. And where better to order a fruit de mer plateau than on the coast of Zealand? On the dike in the beautiful Zwin nature reserve, the restaurant Zilt & Zout serves fresh North Sea fish and fruits more. Here you get a well-filled dish with, among other things, lobster, king crab, shrimp and oysters. The surroundings around the restaurant are also very suitable for a wonderful bike or hiking trip. Ideal as an activity for an extensive lunch on the beautiful terrace!

Open from Thursday to Monday.

Kanaalweg 8, 4525 NA Retranchement.

Lofi Amsterdam x Holland Festival

Fancy a party this weekend? Lofi and Holland Festival bring performing arts and night culture together in the Westelijk Havengebied. After opening night on Friday 3 June, Lofi pushes the boundaries of what Holland Festival can be with a club night at the crossroads between club culture and performing arts. The program includes: Helena HauffGabber Mode Operandic and Parrish Smith† The second club night focuses, on the one hand, on traditional and on the other hand on tougher genres, which in turn are in the spotlight of the younger generations. It sounds like a delicious combination!

Friday, June 24 from 8pm to 5pm.

Basisweg 63, 1043 AN Amsterdam.

Cartiers jewels

Art and culture meetings fashion in Rotterdam this weekend! Cartier can be seen since this week with their contribution to the exhibition ‘Here We Are! Women in design ‘. The exhibition ‘Here we are! Women in Design 1900 – Today ‘at Kunsthal Rotterdam presents more than a hundred female designers who make an important contribution to the development of modern and contemporary design. The exhibition presents a large and comprehensive overview that tells the story of pioneering women who fight against the rules of a male-dominated society. One of these female pioneers was Jeanne Toussaint van Cartier, she was artistic director for decades at the helm of Cartier’s jewelry collection. Her jewelry and other luxurious accessories, created for the modern, independent woman, are on display during the exhibition.

June 18-30.

Kunsthal Rotterdam.

Strange things come to life

Fans of Stranger Things, Be observant! Netflix brings in honor of the release of Stranger Things 4 volume 2 Creel House to live. The doors to the well-known cursed house open in an immersive experience in a mysterious place in the middle of Holland. Creel House Experience is only available to a limited number of fans, they need to crack an 11-digit code to have a chance to access the house. Something for you? You can test your knowledge with questions about the series until Friday, June 24, 11:59 p.m. Do you answer all the questions correctly? An 11-digit code will then be shared to confirm your participation. Small detail: do not be afraid of spiders when you enter this house!

June 28 and 29.

At home in front of the pipe

Not a fan of Stranger Thingsbut in the mood for a weekend with Netflix & Chill? We have you. With (unfortunately) a rainy weekend ahead, it’s a wonderful view to watch series and movies non-stop on the couch. See, for example, the first seasons of. on Netflix Królowa and First classor the comedy film Queen† Are you curious about what happens in a hospital at night? The second season of the reality series is on Videoland Emergency aid at night streamer now. HBO Max has also supplemented the offer again. How to enjoy the romantic movie this weekend eternal summer, or just from a thriller like False trace† In short: enough to stream!

Source: Zilt & Zout, Netflix, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Holland Festival, New this week | Photo: Brunopress, Instagram

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