On the way to Keti Koti 2022 – Part 17 – Dagblad Surinam

Keti Koti 1863-2022

race witchcraft

Newspaper Suriname decided fu kot ‘wan luku to find out from different angles what is wrong in Suriname, where the racial hesitation comes from and how to remedy it.


During Keti Koti talks, social dangers in Suriname were discussed. Emotions, beauties, quirks were recorded.

The third eye

The people’s intuition was consulted to find out what is wrong and what is going on. The question was: Where does racial discrimination in Suriname come from?

The curse

“The colonizer has done everything to crack and humiliate the enslaved Africans. They were trampled down like rats. As a result, Suriname has grown crooked and crooked. The curse of colonialism still plagues land and people. ”


“Population groups overshadow Suriname in that they are fixated on themselves, their own interests. Inner belief. ”


“The Indians traditionally spoke on earth and this nationality. During colonial times, evil Europeans who called themselves the legal owners of Suriname not only appropriated the territory, but also Surinamese, Hindus, Indonesians, Chinese, and so on, who were, so to speak, kidnapped in their respective territories, were registered. in the population register by country of origin. The Africans and their descendants were not considered Africans. They did not even have names, they were just numbers. They were rated at less than zero. “


“In the population register, the African was categorized under ‘negro and colored’, because of this the identity of the creole was distorted, withered and the soul was trampled underfoot. Identity murder was committed. As a result, he struggles with emotions such as loneliness, hope and longing. ”

get annoyed

‘People are annoyed at what other people are doing. Things you do unconsciously can make people dislike you right away. There are countless ways to antagonize people. “

Dal bad

“If that’s not how you eat, it’s what you eat. Creole speaks of Hindus eating by hand and bathing only in frugality. Conversely, the Hindu is of the opinion that Creole is stingy.”


“Discrimination can also depend on how someone smiles and behaves. All sections of the population find the Creole noisy and banal. ”

coconut oil

“Other ethnic groups say Hindus smell of coconut oil.”


The Javanese think the Creole is sloppy. They make the city dirty by throwing rubbish everywhere. The Hindus and the Javanese were much, much less guilty of this. You can also see several creoles hanging out in the city and on street corners. ”


“People speak many languages ​​in Suriname. Language use and the way they speak have an impact on how people judge each other and why they are allowed, less or not allowed.”

Woe to your bones

“If Creoles call each other a Negro, there is no problem. But woe to you if a Hindu or other ethnic group uses the word Negro.”

To take offense

“There are words that do not fit every moment and / or circle. You are a saka saka negro accepted by each other’s creoles. But if someone from another population group says that, it can be offended. That is because the relationship between the two is not the same as between the Creoles themselves. “


“Tables can be used ironically within a particular group, but not by outsiders. This is because the meaning of the words and the associations that a word can evoke are not the same for everyone. ”

kakere kakere

“The fact that the Hindus in company with other population groups suddenly switch to Sarnami is felt by the Creoles as an exclusion. It’s called cakes cakes incomprehensibly volapyk. “

keep your distance

“The contract workers retained their own culture, were not or only with difficulty occupied with the identity of the country to which they were towed. They were not open to Surinamese culture and kept their distance.”


“Hindus insist that anyone who enters their places of worship should do so without shoes. In Christian churches, it is customary for a church to be entered by men bareheaded. Fanatical descendants of contracted servants do not always take off their headscarves. Ignorant or provocative. When a reverent person heard this, he replied that his faith commands him not to do so. “


Indigenous people are characterized as shy. The natives are welcomed with guttural sounds for fun and are called bow and arrow.


“In addition to identity, dissatisfaction among the population groups has a socio-economic character. The Creoles are jealous of the Hindus, invariably claimed by the Hindus. “

to be Surinamese

“Creole has several personal identities that do not make it easy for him. He must be Surinamese, he must be Creole, while his orientation in the labor market is focused on Dutch culture. He is also influenced by India, Indonesia, China and other regions. “He therefore feels more cosmopolitan. He must also prove himself as a world citizen.”


“Creole can belong to all the experienced cultures, religions and mindsets that exist. But in addition to intercultural and philosophical differences, there is also a generation gap and social and economic disagreements. “

City and district

“A distinction can also be made between the condom man in the district and those in the city. There are differences in demographics, behaviors, attitudes, nutrition, and housing. Moreover, Surinamese culture is still under the influence of cultural imperialism. This concept, also called cultural oppression, is described as the forced variant of cultural adaptation. ”

To be continued.


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