The artist collective BREEKijzer presents Salon des Arts


BREDEVOORT – Salon des Arts is an exhibition where ten members of the artist collective BREEKijzer present themselves in the summer.

The choice of works is left entirely to the participants. Each artist has about five meters of exhibition space at his disposal. The layout of the exhibition is carried out by the exhibition committee.

BREEKijzer members are self-employed artists. In this exhibition, each participant shows which discipline he / she works with, and thus indicates that there is a colorful palette of talents in the association.

About the participants:

Gretel Bouman
‘A decent woman, who will find her? (Proverbs 31: 10-31). Religion and woman, rules … In this exhibition, Grietje does her best to free herself from what God, the Bible, the priest, the priest, the mayor or the neighbor thinks she should be.

Le’on Marie Dekker
For his work, Dekker is inspired by logos and letters on consumer goods and packaging such as fruit boxes and crates, potato labels and animal feed bags. He reuses his own imagery, changes it and gives it a different meaning. The familiar and predictable images get a different story, they seem disturbing.

Karin van Dooren
Karin’s work is about the most important thing that exists. Life. It’s a coming out. Living with yourself, the other, in a world. The work is both poetic and critical. Just like you can look at the world. The sculptures and paintings are about vulnerable beings and vulnerable worlds that are also strong and light. In her work, she mixes different worlds, both human, nature and animal.

Rido Jansen
Rido paints heads and human figures, individuals sometimes placed in a group. They have a connection with vulnerability and protection, relationships, emotions, thoughts (perceptions), a person’s psyche. Her use of materials is diverse. What stands out for her in texture or form can be used for something new.

Tatum Kempers
Tatum is a multidisciplinary artist and mainly makes self-portraits. Her work is mostly autobiographical. It is a response to her own experiences and the time we live in. Tatum Kempers shows for the first time textile work for the Salon des Arts. Tufting is the production of long-pile carpet by hand. This creates unique works.

Monique Klaassen
Only small paintings (Small Works) by Monique can be seen in the Salon des Arts exhibition. The results on small format canvas are different. Monique uses various painting techniques. She lets the paint flow, but also combines it with clean lines. The extremes of the results range from abstract-minimalist to colorful-organic.

Ingo Krasenbrink
In the 1980s, Ingo was appointed art director at an international advertising agency in Düsseldorf. There he developed the desire for more artistic work, he sought a fusion of graphics with photography. In the 2000s, the search for graphic moments of happiness determined his creative period.

Hans Oldenhof
Since 2019, Hans has returned to his lifelong passion; to make art. His works often radiate the dark and unpleasant side of life. He is fascinated by the bizarre aspects of the dreamy life of the present, past and future. Combinations of emotions in different techniques are his trademark.

Dinie Wikkerink
Dinie is fascinated by the effects of light and shadow in everyday situations. The home environment has been the inspiration for her photography for many years. She was looking for a reference to the 1920s in the presentation. The pictures are from ‘now’: 1920s.

Cynthia van Wijngaarden
Cynthia works with materials such as silicone rubber, imitation fur or plastic. She makes sculptures reminiscent of organs or body parts. The meaty and synthetic look of her work is almost scary, but also attractive. By playing on the spectator’s intimacy and associations, he is seduced into a game of attraction and repulsion.

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