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REPORT – Museum MORE is ready for an inviting summer. For Art up Sunday I visited two new exhibitions in Museum MORE in Gorssel. There are 40 canvases by Anya Janssen in Tuinzaal. A retrospective ‘Life as a Show’ by the German painter Norbert Tadeusz (1940-2011) can be seen in the large exhibition space on the first floor. The third milestone is the celebration of the artist Pat Andreas’ 80th birthday (1942) today, Sunday 26 June, in Museum MORE at Ruurlo Castle.

First extended solo Anya Janssen

The team from Museum MORE gives Anya Janssen (Arnhem, 1962) plenty of space in the bright and spacious garden room for her first extensive exhibition. In front of Farmers art historian and guest curator Fleur Junier dived into Janssen’s work. Together with the artist, Junier has made a selection of about forty canvases from Janssen’s work from the early 1990s until today. You can now explore this choice for yourself in the garden room.

Ecce Homo (2019) © Anya Janssen, Private collection © photo Hans Wijninga.

Janssen and man

Anya Janssen is fascinated by people. She looks at people with great admiration and shows this feeling in monumental portraits. In the first years, Janssen mainly paints himself, later his fellow human beings. With Ecce Homo, she goes back to the self-portrait for a while. In this work, Janssen confronts his own mortality, inspired by the work of the 17th century painter Francisco de Zurburán. It is more than a self-portrait in the traditional sense, Janssen also appears as a metaphor. As a symbol of transience.

Museum MORE - Parliament of Monsters 3 (1996-1998) © Anya Janssen - private collection © photo Hans Wijninga

Parliament of Monsters 3 (1996-1998) © Anya Janssen, Private collection © photo Hans Wijninga.

Flemish primitives and graffiti art

The most important sources of inspiration for Anya Janssen are the Flemish primitives from the fifteenth century and Lowbrow Art. This is an art movement that originated around Los Angeles in the 1960s. Lowbrow Art has roots in underground comics, punk music and graffiti. Janssen’s work moves between reality and fantasy. “For me, painting is an ultimate attempt to get closer to people,” says Janssen.

“I am a collector of souls, sometimes almost a stalker,
I tell stories of people crossing my path.
I get a little under the skin of them and feel with them for a while ”.

Anya Janssen (2022)

Anya Janssen: Jordboer can be seen until 30 October 2022 in the garden room of Museum MORE in Gorssel.
Tip: See also the short film about Anya Janssen by video makers Jaan Stevens and Angela Otten.
To get in the right mood at home, you can listen to the playlist that Janssen plays in his studio here.

“I’m not an artist, I’m a painter.
Norbert Tadeusz

A first for Holland: TADEUSZ: Life as a spectacle

The transition from Anya Janssen’s work to Norbert Tadeusz’s is quite large. A (short) break in the museum café can in my opinion be highly recommended.
Museum MORE is the first in our country with a large retrospective by the German painter Norbert Tadeusz (1940-2011). Tadeusz is known and praised among our eastern neighbors. He is much less known outside the German borders. More than ten years after his death in 2011, the MORE Museum team honors Tadeusz with a retrospective. Together with his widow, the artist Petra Lemmerz (Karlsruhe, 1957), the new artistic director of Museum MORE, Maite van Dijk, has put together the exhibition ‘Life is a Show’. The common threads in Tadeusz’s work are women (many women), circuses, self-portraits, the theater, slaughterhouses and nature. The colors of the paintings in the three museum rooms splash off the walls. The size of some works also forces you to pause for a moment.

Museum MORE - Space overview Life and spectacle © Norbert Tadeusz © photo Wilma_Lankhorst

Space overview ‘Life is a sight’ © Norbert Tadeusz © photo Wilma Lankhorst.

Tadeusz goes his own ways

During his studies and in the years that followed, movements such as Pop Art, Fluxus, ZERO, minimal art and conceptual art were the preferred styles among audiences and artists. Tadeusz ignores these different art movements and focuses on traditional themes and genres in art history. Think of still lifes, landscapes, interiors and figurative representations. Tadeusz was a student of the avant-garde artist Joseph Beuys. But Beuys also left him free to find his own way. Norbert Tadeusz found his subjects in his immediate environment, his studio, the women around him and nature. In his work, he combines reality with his own perception and memories. Tadeusz always had a pencil and a piece of paper in his pocket. The many sketches he made during his life formed the vast reservoir of ideas and situations for his paintings.

Museum MORE Zebra and Giraffe © Tadeusz © photo Wilma_Lankhorst

Zebra and giraffe are hung in the museum © Tadeusz © photo Wilma Lankhorst.

large canvases

Tadeusz had plenty of space in his studio. He loved creating great works. As we walk through the exhibit, we hear the warning sounds from a cherry picker. The work ‘Zebra & Giraffe’ is no less than four times four meters. It was rolled up carefully in Germany, transported on a roll to Gorssel and retightened here. We can see how the artwork finds its place in the exhibition.

Museum MORE Maite van Dijk (artistic director) explains the painting Miles (2006) © Tadeusz © photo Wilma_Lankhorst

Maite van Dijk (artistic director) explains the painting Miles (2006) © Tadeusz © photo Wilma Lankhorst.

Tadeusz and jazz

The love of jazz in general and Miles Davis’ music in particular can be seen on the screen ‘Miles’ (2006). The atmosphere of the Swimming Miles reminds me of the swimming pool canvases by the British painter David Hockney (Bradford UK, 1937). In ‘The Straw’ (1989) you can see the inspiration of Vincent van Gogh.

Museum MORE collage works by Norbert Tadeusz © photos Wilma_Lankhorst

Collage selection of three works by Norbert Tadeusz © photos Wilma Lankhorst.

Tadeusz had a set of rings hanging in his work area where he did daily exercises. Various situations involving rings are also reflected in circus scenes, which can also be seen here.

TADEUSZ: Life as a spectacle can be seen in Museum MORE in Gorssel until 2 October 2022.

Museum MORE Artist Pat_Andrea in his studio © Pat Andrea - Museum MORE

Artist Pat Andrea in his studio © Pat Andrea, Museum MORE.

Pat Andrea celebrates 80 years in Ruurlo Castle

Today, Sunday 26 June 2022, MORE RUURLO celebrates the 80th birthday of the Dutch painter Pat Andreas (The Hague, 25 June 1942). In the exhibition ¿QUÉ PASA? 30 masterpieces from Andrea’s rich oeuvre have been exhibited. You get a nice picture of his imaginative and critical artistry. Andrea weaves great story with personal stories.

Museum MORE tour of the exhibition Pat Andrea photo © Eva Broekema

Guided tour of the exhibition Pat Andrea photo © photo Eva Broekema.

Watch the program for the last weekend here Pat Andrea ¿QUÉ PASA? and Museum MORE in Ruurlo Castle.
With the celebration of this milestone, the exhibition ¿QUÉ PASA?

Museum MORE Percy breaks his leg (2021) © Leonie Schneider_ collection artist photo lent by Rademakers Gallery Amsterdam © Leonie Schneider

Percy with his broken leg (2021) © Leonie Schneider_, collection artist © photo lent by Rademakers Gallery Amsterdam.

See you soon in Ruurlo Castle

After Pat Andrea’s birthday party, the stage is set for Leonie Schneider in Museum MORE Ruurlo Castle. Schneider (Munich, 1993) is a true storyteller. After completing her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, she teaches at this department herself. Her work has been nominated for the Royal Prize for Painting in 2020.

Layered family stories

Leonie Schneider tells stories in bright colors and decorative patterns. At first glance, it seems to be cheerful family scenes. If you look further, you will discover more layers. In Ruurlo Castle you meet a mixed family of half-brothers and half-sisters. You will be introduced to Frida, Scout, Donovan, Demi, Angus and Percy. In each work, a different family member plays the main role. I wish you a beautiful summer with this artistic family event.

Museum MORE- Angus' Innocence (2021) © Leonie Schneider - collection Rademakers Gallery Amsterdam

Angus’ Innocence (2021) © Leonie Schneider, Collection Rademakers Gallery Amsterdam.

Family stories about Leonie Schneider can be seen from 2 July to 11 September 2022 in Museum MERE Ruurlo Castle.
Leonie Schneider also lets you listen to the music she likes to play in her studio via this link.

Both museums can be visited free of charge with the museum card. You can book your visit and / or combi ticket online via this link.

© use of the images with permission from and with permission from Museum MORE Gorssel, Museum MORE Ruurlo Castle and the aforementioned artists

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