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Farmers protest against nitrogen measures

Thousands of farmers from all over the country came on tractors to the Gelderland village of Stroe to protest against the nitrogen measures. Opinions on our reaction platform NUjij were strongly divided; although there was great sympathy for the peasants, there were also many readers who were critical of the protest. So is Sebastian.

“We have 17.4 million inhabitants in the Netherlands, of which 54,000 are farmers. However, they occupy 53 percent of the available land, compared to 14 percent for nature and 13 percent for buildings. And all this for a sector that is primarily only responsible for 1.4 percent of our GDP (gross domestic product, ed.). By comparison, our relatively small cultural sector quickly accounts for 1.9 percent of our GDP. “

“Thanks to the agricultural sector, we also have the worst surface water in Europe, nitrogen emissions four times higher than the European average and a green monotonous grassland where many native plants and animals no longer have a chance to survive.”

“We used to have coal mines in the Netherlands, but at one point it was no longer sustainable. Due to the many negative consequences, our small country can not supply the amount of farmers, but primarily the amount of livestock. We supply food to the around the world, but all local environmental impacts remain with us. “

Still, the nitrogen problem can not be left entirely to the farmers, says Inge_Posch. The role of the Ministry of Agriculture should also be critically examined.

“For years, they have called on farmers to ‘intensify’, which has resulted in high nitrogen emissions and the destruction of soil and insect life on agricultural land. The decline of our meadow birds is largely due to the policy that the farmer is committed to. to keep your head above water. “

“Now, as a thank you for listening to the ministry, they are getting farmers a kick.”

“It is a fact that the nitrogen crisis must be resolved, but it can and must be done differently. How exactly? I have no idea, I do not have a monopoly on wisdom. But we are all responsible for it, and we will, so we must all solve it. that together! Not just the peasants. “

New corona wave in Holland

Corona was in the news again this week. People over sixty are called for a second time for their booster shot, many self-tests are sold, and the number of positive tests continues to rise. In short: The new corona wave has started, says RIVM.

Vigorous discussions and polarization between vaccinated and unvaccinated lurks. Reader Wats encourages us to remain respectful of each other:

“Do we live here in a free country? Why do people say that we should stop vaccinating? Everyone has the right to dispose of their own body and therefore also has the free right to choose whether they want to vaccinate or not. That having to stop vaccination is as much coercion as getting everyone vaccinated. “

“The government has every right to ask people to be vaccinated. People have every right not to be vaccinated. Pros and cons can be talked about, but it is different from forcing and harassing …”

“Coercion from the government is against the constitution and does not happen. I find the tyranny of opponents undemocratic. I have been vaccinated and boosted. I know people who are not and I respect their decision. They have thought it through thoroughly. Whether you want to be vaccinated or not: have some respect for others. “

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