BIS: Central banks must raise interest rates sharply

  1. inflation is only a consequence of the “rarity” of commodities and “labor and food”;
    We should not encourage the Belgians in money … we should continue where we did more, and which resulted in very good progress: increasing the available productivity, dividing by better depositing them, and the raw materials: oil is now something ‘artificial’ ‘ the sinner by the unforeseen? war in europe … (and covid to a lesser extent). The fact that some countries may have credit problems seems to me to be a ‘relative’ problem: countries that provide enough labor, food and raw materials by pumping more money into the economy have a deflationary effect. This deflator effect was even a little too great: Europe can not get inflation up to 3% before the covid came .. As long as people need the oil, they will have to invest in it, or where possible in sustainable alternatives .. Grundstopf may then have to come from the deep sea … Bis must of course take care of the international payments, and it really does not get better from expensive money: the investor who converts the ‘borrowed’ money into real deflation (more food), commodities, labor), through companies that borrow money, are bound by rather strict (self) standards, and expensive money is only good for the banks … It seems to me that the occasional failure can not be avoided: it is part of an optimization to take limited risks: after all, there are also great ‘positive’ benefits …
    no, the bit only sees self-interest ..

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