World themes dominate the parade, highlighted in his questions


‘I must honestly say I’m pleasantly surprised by what I see’

By Henri Walterbos

QUESTIONNAIRE – Her own reputation precedes the annual parade for many years. Previously, it was mainly the name of everyone from their own village who crossed the border, left or right, mercilessly pillaged, the 2022 edition has mainly world themes, seen from a Dutch perspective, but then explained in its questionnaires. This edition does not contain a word Spanish. In his own parade, he is more questioning and straightforward, and does not care what people think about things. The parade last Sunday, June 26, is not one of subtlety, not suitable for those with delicate hearts, long toes or short fuses. Next door are thousands of interested people who see the colorful parade with a smile.

More questioning Almanac
Whether the people of Asker have been good for the last 3 years, or they are forgetful or meek forgiving, their own villagers are spared in the parade and especially politicians, both local and national, President Putin and the dirty men of The Voice of Holland ( ‘Come into my cubicle. Then I’ll look under your skirt’, ‘To penetrate the semi-finals, it was a bit of a squirt and swallow’), blamed it several times in unmistakable phrases, in witty texts and sayings that can thus be included in their own Questionnaire. Asking more questions is not so delicate, is not so difficult, and certainly not about political correctness today.

The topics are up for grabs this edition. Especially topics that one would never in 2019 have suspected would be the current topics in the next parade, even if it is 3 years later. The creative and free spirits of ‘Vroagender bult’ could indulge in the heart’s desire for all these subjects and, nobility committed. Questioner has a reputation to cherish.

Of course come the high fuel prices (‘Diesel can no longer hold. We push the car ashore ourselves’, Schiphol (‘Farmers must stop while we plug planes’, ‘We keep lying so you can keep flying’), Crown Princess Amalia’s upcoming student life (‘Amalia’s own student room with luxury kitchen, it will be a beautiful student time with a lot of royals …’), the war in Ukraine is over and the corona is still a bit long. Also the men in Today Inside. come by. “They were not so hard before,” said one car, one of the mildest this afternoon, though it has been worse, to be honest. is highlighted with a slightly flattering name for the municipality that Questionsder is a part of; ‘Gemeente Kutzooi’ is written on a toast. Tasteless? You can say that. positive in the Asker parade in the 2023 edition friend.

The prams open the parade. They illuminate worldly conditions mainly from their captivating point of view. Some girls make a happy sound on their carriage; ‘Finally the fair again’. A message that can count on applause from all spectators and that everyone can join. Other girls have their own ideas for tackling the housing shortage; ‘Build your own sand castle’.

red handkerchief
If the topics are very different and current, the symbol that passes on each tractor is just as relevant; the ‘farmer’s flag’, or the red handkerchief. The symbol of solidarity with the Dutch farmer and the struggle they are waging against the current nitrogen plans. Not surprisingly in the hometown of one of the resistance fighters, our own ‘King Henk’ Oonk. Minister Van der Walle and Groen Link’s leader Jesse Klaver will pay for it in not the most flattering texts. There is also a controversy over taste here. Let’s just say that it’s partly meant by a blink, but the undertone is clear, and maybe even higher than the harmonic. In the Asker Parade, the farmers also receive support from the youngest generation of wagon builders with the wagons ‘#Proud of the farmer’ and ‘The Power Farmers’, young people wearing red handkerchiefs. Asylum policy also gets a kick in the farmer’s protests; ‘Decline in livestock farming, but growth in Ter Apel’.

swan whipers
If at all possible, Lievelde lovingly gets a nail under the water for Lievelde. With the abolition of the Schansklopperne (‘The people can not be saved by the Schansklopperne. Then they are fine in Vroagender’), a longtime participant in the Asker parade, this is gratefully used with a Questioner alternative to them; the swan whips. Here, too, pictures leave nothing to be desired for the sake of clarity. There is good laughter.

Prior to the parade, jury member Sander Esselink, among others, will be allowed to judge the cars. “You can see that they have not been able to do anything for two years, that they are now doing a good job. It can be seen that most of them have been very attentive to the car. Such as ingenuity and finishing e.g. Usually one sees a tripartite division; good cars, middle class and underclass. It’s really harder this year because the quality is just better, especially the middle class. I do not have one at the moment that I think will be uh. We look at the idea, the finish, the design and in the parade we look at how the car and the figuration perform with the audience, and the interaction with them. ” Sander also knows the reputation of the parade. The rules were tightened for this reason a few years ago. He thinks it’s okay so far. “I have not had anything yet that I think is impossible. It is always with the necessary humor and a glance what one sees. There are always sexual things and ambiguities in it. I must say that I am positively surprised by what I see. And it is great that the enthusiasm has remained high with 13 large cars, 4 middle class participants and 19 smaller prams. ”

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