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In Belgium the peak in the number of new corona infections has already passed, in Germany the peak seems to have been reached, in the Netherlands the number of hospital admissions fell on Friday. Is the infection peak already there? This is expected to be achieved within one to one and a half weeks. However, a presumably even contagious sub-variant of omicron means that there is no security to be provided.

Bertus wants back in politics.
Bertus wants back in politics. © Ronald Hissink

Those who want to participate in this year’s local elections had the last chance to register today† In Deventer, this resulted in an unexpected leader. The most famous pimple in town, Bertus, is planning to win a place on list 13. While Bertus really wants to run for council himself, Uncle Willem has run in The Hague. Edwin Rutten is 79, but not afraid to help D66 in town as a list pusher.

Things went wrong for careless walking along the Apeldoorns Canal this afternoon. Two cars collided, one woman was seriously injured. The road is known as Death Road.

There are bumble bees at Meerpaal in the Dronten, center for cultural and welfare work. Some of the staff have great difficulty with the policy of the ‘narcissistic’ director / administrator Hans Maris, who, among other things, is home sick because of this. At least thirty employees are said to have resigned (in part) due to dissatisfaction with Maris’ policies. “To the outside world, it seems like a wonderful organization, internally it is different.”

Fireworks at the opening in Beijing.
Fireworks at the opening in Beijing. © AFP

The Olympics have begun. Or have you also enjoyed curling that started earlier? Well, it produces tons of stories. However, not everyone is equally funny. For example, the NOS correspondent was pulled out of the picture by a guard in the live broadcast. In China, participants and journalists are tied hand and foot. Putin, on the other hand, grabbed the opening for a nap. Just when Ukraine came in. Everything is also political. Fortunately, we have our file. In which also the story of the speed skater Carlijn Achtereekte. She tells from Beijing how she is feeling.

Tonight and tonight it will be partly cloudy. Especially in the north there will be a lot of scattered showers, sometimes with hail, thunderstorms or wet snow. Strong gusts of wind are also possible along the north coast. The mercury drops to 0 degrees in the southeast to 3 or 4 degrees by the sea. Tomorrow it will be almost dry for a long time with regular sun. The clouds will increase later in the day and there will be some rain in the evening, especially in the north. The maximums are around 3 degrees. The wind will be moderate to strong from the southwest.

“Extremely annoying”, Steenwijkerland municipality calls the situation where mother Hatice and son Yusuf ended up in Giethoorn. The family says that they are systematically bullied, whereby the insults of the young people have a racist character. The fact that nothing has been done with reports is denied by Steenwijkerland. Mother and son spoke in the TV show Zembla.

Klaas Hallenga has a home battery.
Klaas Hallenga has a home battery. © Jeroen Jazet

The electricity grid is crammed, and the supply of green power back to the grid will soon yield little. A home battery – which stores self-produced power – is the solution for more and more people. Like for Klaas Hallenga from Lochem. “A home battery will be normal in a few years.”

The new location for the protest.
The new location for the protest. © Ruben Meijerink

Travelers have been moving from place to place in Raalte municipality for days. They want a ‘fairer caravan policy and more pitches’. It is clear that the demand is greater than the supply, but the caravan residents want to force clarity. They travel with caravans from the company site to the residential area. Our reporter went with us for a day.

Former trade fair employee Nico R. (40) from Deventer has made millions on fraud with cryptocurrencies, according to the Ministry of Justice. In his warehouse, police found a so-called crypto farm: a room with countless computers connected to each other. For many, the crypto world is a total mystery. Buy luxury cars with homemade digital money. How can and does it work?

New images of interaction between wolves and wild boar on video images from wildlife cameras from the Nature Monument show that the wolf is certainly not the new ruler of the forest† The animal must drain after encounters with large boars.

Suddenly there is a wall ...
Suddenly there is a wall … © Rene Manders / DCI Media

And then this: They felt like royalty in their renovated house, Mieke (66) and Cor (72). To a new neighbor suddenly erected a wall nearly twenty feet long and 3.20 feet high. A few meters away from their house, to be exact.

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