Open-air theater with Godlike Komeedzje 2.0 and Blau Bloed, treasures at Tresoar and sustainable clothing: tips for excursions in Friesland

Come and see Iepenloftspullen Godlike Komeedzje 2.0 or Blau Bloed, discover the treasures at Tresoar, cycle through three provinces or learn more about clothes.

Experience three provinces by bike

Experience with 3 provinces 3-day cycle The area where the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe meet. Every day, participants in Cykel 3 Dage depart from Bakkeveen and are offered a varied route. Every day they cycle in a different province and it is different every year. That way, cyclists can discover unknown places and enjoy the varied landscape.

The bike ride takes place from Wednesday, June 29th to Friday, July 1st. You can choose between distances of approximately 30, 40 and 60 kilometers. The route is marked with arrows, also description on paper and digital map is available. There are two rest areas along the way with adequate catering facilities. Information about registration can be found at

Bakkeveen – Parking space Mini golf and swimming pool Dúndelle, Wed – Fri at 9-11, 6 euros

About the sustainability of clothing

Museum Dokkum wants to make visitors aware of the amount of clothing available today. In addition, clothing is seasonal or trend-oriented, and when it is out of fashion, it is discarded. In earlier times, textiles had much more value. A worn or damaged piece of clothing was not thrown away, but repaired or recycled.

Drugs were expensive, so people used every bite of it, so nothing was wasted. In the exhibition Newly made old Examples of repaired and recycled clothing from earlier times are shown along with specimens and pieces from the craft education.

Dokkum – Museum Dokkum, Monday to Saturday at 10-17, 6.50 euros

The treasures hidden by Tresoar

A guided tour takes place at Tresoar every last Thursday of the month. What treasures are there at Tresoar? What does the world look like under the reading room? What is the oldest book at Tresoar? And how does Tresoar organize almost 37 kilometers of material in the depot?

Tresoar provides a unique behind-the-scenes look with the tour of the building. Visitors can report to the counter upon arrival; this is the starting point for the trip. Afterwards, coffee and tea with a snack are ready and you can visit Obe, a scene of Frisian culture.

Leeuwarden – Tresoar, Thursday at 14.00, free

Butler is being tested with a pile of money

An elm ceiling game takes place in Katlijk for the third time. Stichting Iepenloftspul Herman de Streuper and Toneelvereniging de Twa Doarpen joined forces Blue blood , about Baron Eisema. This baron is short of money and rents out his dilapidated country house with staff for a weekend to businessman Wisse Regnerius for a meager sum of 10,000 euros. The businessman provides a costume ball for business associates and wholesalers.

However, the Baron does not really trust his butler, and to see if this is really the case, he leaves this letter open on the table. The butler sees his chance and puts the letter in his pocket and thinks he can easily earn the 10,000 euros. Unfortunately for him, he is soon revealed.

Katlijk – Pasture behind Schoterlandseweg no. 5 (entrance Bisschoplaan), Thurs to Sat at 20.30, 18.50 euros (children up to 12 years 12.50 euros)

God, the universe, galaxies and robots

The theater group FIER will play the open-air thing from Wednesday Divine Comedy 2.0 in Frisian. This confrontational comedy about gods, an angel and a devil begs the question: Can the gods stop the destruction of the earth by robots? According to astronomers, there are many more universes beyond our universe with all its billions of galaxies. The god of one of the other universes offers the god of this universe to save his creation. But how should it be? By cutting down? Or through economic growth and new technology?

The Elmloft thing is written by Sietse de Vries and directed by Job de Roo. Many players, singers and musicians come from the four villages of FIER – Friens, Idaerd, Eagum and Reduzum – supplemented by people from surrounding villages. Four years ago, FIER already had success with the play Oeds fan Fierwei. A fund was then established for the purpose of performing an elm ceiling thing every three years. Due to the corona, this could not continue in 2021, but now the time has finally come.

Friens – NH Kerk, Wed, Fri and Sat at 20, 18.50 euros

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