Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: Inge van Calkar, FestiValderAa and an outdoor game in Leek

Celebrate FestiValderAa’s birthday, visit Inge van Calkar’s show in Oosterwijtwerd, go out in the dark with a canoe, look for moths or visit the outdoor show Speelgroep Leek.

Celebrate FestiValderAa’s birthday

FestiValderAa it’s a birthday, it’s ten years. There is great unpacking from Thursday to Sunday. The Ådal landscape in Drentsche Aa is changing into a theater and music landscape, filled with surprising artists and performances in places in and around the village of Schipborg.

There is theater for adults and children, cabaret, acrobatics, visual arts, street theater, literature, dance and more than enough music. Since last year, the literary festival Summer phrases also part of FestiValderAa. The winner of the Libris Literature Prize Mariken Heitman will come to Schipborg on Saturday. All literary festivities take place in the hall of the restaurant De Drentsche Aa at Schipborg. Want to know more about FestiValderAa? For the full program and current fares, see festivalderaa.nl.

Schipborg – Festival site at Heidesteeg, Thurs – Sun.

Goes out in the dark with the canoe

Come and experience nature in the dark in an intense way! In Het Wilde Weg organizes a Friday evening canoe trip in Het Torenveen about Hunzen. Torenveen is home to many different animals such as deer, foxes, badgers, otters and beavers. The canon nature guide from In Het Wilde Weg is happy to take you on a canoe through this surprising nature reserve.

Halfway you can enjoy a break by the fire with a tasty snack and wildly picked tea or coffee. You must register in advance. This can be done via inhetwildeweg.nl.

Gasselternijveen – Mill De Juffer, Fri 18-22, 50 euros

Inge van Calkar with band and dancers in Oosterwijtwerd

The Dutch Kylie Minogue, The Lady in White, Electropop phenomenon from the north. There are many ways to describe Inge van Calkar, but in the end, Inge is very much Inge van Calkar. Her musical career started in 2003, when she founded the band YSIS together with Sanne Hans (Miss Montreal). They are reaping some successes and in 2008 they will each go their separate ways.

A debut album in 2014 still shows a popular sound. The album is well received, but in fact shortly after its release, Calkar makes new musical discoveries. The acoustic guitar goes overboard and the flower girl changes shape. The new direction comes true on the album Reset from 2018. Indie pop, beats and lots of melodies. Van Calkar is increasingly mastering the new course and Full color (2020) we hear an Inge van Calkar who has completely found her place. Electropop with ripping synths, guitars and everything for a danceable beat. On Friday she will perform in Oosterwijtwerd.

Oosterwijtwerd – Theater Oosterwijtwerd, Fri 19.30, 34 euros, incl. food

Looking for moths at the sheepfold

During National Moth Night, this Friday, you can discover the mysterious world of the moth together with a nature guide from Staatsbosbeheer. Likewise with sheepfold Ter Borg in Sellingen. Moths are usually not that easy to spot and therefore need to be lured. This is done with special lamps on a stretched sheet. Then it suddenly becomes visible how many different moths there are. In the Netherlands there are more than 2000!

Moths have in many ways adapted to living in the dark. At night, in the dark, the eyes are not so useful. Moths can therefore not see very well. But they can smell really good. This is why moths use their noses as eyes. They do this with their antennas. This allows them to smell food or other butterflies at miles away. The males often have antennae that are very feathery, so they can smell the females even better during the mating season.

In moths, the feeler horns never end in a bud as in butterflies, and the wings are usually folded flat over the body when the butterfly rests. Moths are usually inconspicuously colored, such as brown or gray. During the evening, the nature guide will tell you more about the mysterious world of the mill. Sign up via Staatsbosbeheer.nl/nachtvlinderwesterwolde.

Sellingen – Fårefold Ter Borg, Fri at 22, 7.50 euros (4 to 12 years 5 euros)

A collection of classic fairy tales

Long and happy is a collection of classic fairy tales, including Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, with a big nod to current events. The adventures have been modernized and merged into a comic outdoor performance. Cinderella is now named Cindy, and she is degraded by her step-sisters Paris and Hilton.

Little Red Riding Hood has a relationship with a bad wolf with image problems, and Prince Roderick of Orange Nassaukade must finally look for a wife. All development comes to a climax at the big ball and the quest that naturally follows. Playgroup Leek makes it a happy family show with the fairytale forest Nienoord as a backdrop.

Leek – Open Air Podium Nienoord, Fri 19.30, Sat 14.30 and 19.30, Sun 14.30, 12.50 euros (up to and including 15 years 7.50 euros)

You can find more excursions on dvhn.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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