Henk Wullink develops Achterhoek 12-city route


Bicycle route, continuous or in twelve ’round’ stages, connects cities in Achterhoek and Liemers.

By Luke Stam

HENGELO – Hengeloër Henk Wullink (77) has mapped many cycling routes in his life, but he is very proud of his recent work. For years he worked on the development of his now published route bundle ‘Achterhoekse 12-city route on the bike’. The whole can be cycled in twelve parts with outbound and return routes (540 kilometers) or continuously as a seven-day cycle (344 kilometers). The starting point is the restaurant Jansen & Jansen in Hengelo, which is also the only point of sale for the route bundle so far.

Along the way, cyclists end up not only in cities like Zutphen, Doesburg and Doetinchem, but also in many smaller cities that gained city rights in the distant past. The route laid out by Wullink – with full use of the exchange system – runs through a large part of Achterhoek and Liemers and from Hengelo successively connects the towns of Bronkhorst, Zutphen, Lochem, Borculo, Groenlo, Bredevoort, Terborg,’s -Heerenberg, Zevenaar. , Doesburg, Laag-Keppel and Doetinchem.

With the seven-day bike, Wullink hopes to bring cyclists from all over the country to Achterhoek in the coming years. “Many cycling enthusiasts have already taken fun multi-day bike rides in the Netherlands, such as the Frisian Elfstedentocht and the IJsselmeer route,” says de Hengeloër. “This is truly the first for Achterhoek. A seven-day trip of almost 350 kilometers is an inspiring challenge for a cycling holiday.”

The seven-day cycle from town to town through the Achterhoek and Liemerse countryside has daily stages of 49 kilometers on average. The idea is that the participants in these seven days will spend the night along the way. “For example, you leave Hengelo on Monday morning, park your car here, get on your bike and return here on Sunday,” Wullink explains. “Then you have a beautiful picture of the region in a week’s time.”

Return routes
Nevertheless, Wullink has also made a variant with twelve ’round’ squares. “In the past, I often noticed that a lot of people would like to go back to the place where they started in the morning,” he explains. “Because that’s where their car is again. Because they do not prefer to take all their belongings with them on the road. Or because they want to cycle one day and take the next stage some time later. ”

For this, Wullink has plotted the so-called return routes. The average length of a route in this form – with a return route – is 45 kilometers. “For example, 30 kilometers of this will be over the traditional route, and 15 kilometers will be a return route, so people will return to the place where they started that day,” Wullink explains.

Hengeloër put it all together according to his own insight. “For me, it was a new acquaintance with the region,” he says. “I have enjoyed it a lot. The historic centers of the twelve cities are impressive. In addition, you have the wealth of castles, country estates and estates, the gravel roads and bike paths, the silence and tranquility, the rivers and many streams and the various authentic farms. You will not see so much varied landscape elsewhere. ”

The bicycle card ‘Achterhoekse 12-byrute by bicycle, from town to town across the beautiful countryside of Achterhoek and Liemers‘costs 7.50 euros and is now available at cafe Jansen en Jansen (Spalstraat 1) in Hengelo. The routes are mobile and therefore easy to take on the road. The map also shows attractions and tourist sites that cyclists encounter along the way. If you want to reserve a folder, you can send an e-mail to info@eetcafejansenjansen.nl or call: 0575-461478. Wullink hopes to expand both the number of points of sale and the number of affiliated points of departure in the near future.

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