The office furniture manufacturer Vepa is building the Circular Center in Emmen

Vepa has started a huge expansion of the production sites in Emmen and Hoogeveen. In total, more than 20,000 m2 is added. 11,000 m2 of new production and storage space will be realized in Emmen for the expansion of metal production and the new Circular Center. An additional 9,000 m2 of production area will then be added at the location in Hoogeveen. In the period up to the end of 2023, an expansion to a value of approx. € 30 million

Expansion of metal production and realization of a new Circular Center in Emmen

The construction of 11,000 m2 of production and storage space in Emmen has now begun. Janwillem de Kam, director of Vepa: “Here we want to expand our metal production and realize our new Circular Center, where we revitalize, renovate, disassemble and store furniture. We combine resources and expertise and thus give furniture a new life. We do that in the place where our GreenField, our circular garden and food garden, used to be. We must realize our new GreenField on the purchased 30,000 m2 in connection with the existing plot. The new construction will therefore not be at the expense of our social commitment and sustainability goals. The Food Garden Emmen Foundation, which provides around 600 families with a packed lunch through Fødevarebanken Sydøstdrenthe, will be given a new place in close consultation with those involved. ”

Councilor Guido Rink from Emmen Municipality welcomes this development: “By actively collaborating with companies, we let our regional economy grow and ensure new development. It again creates new jobs. And this growth benefits many. Vepa is again making space available for the Food Garden Foundation. This kitchen garden will provide many families in Emmen and the surrounding area with food, all super healthy and clean from Drenthe soil. A good example of corporate social responsibility of Vepa. “

Doubling of production space in Hoogeveen

In the 4th quarter of 2022, Vepa hopes to start building 9,000 m2 of production area in Hoogeveen. Here, the capacity in the wood board department is doubled and the company’s own production line for a completely new circular board is realized. The furniture store is also being expanded and modernized. “After completion in mid-2023, we will have the most modern, automated, robotic and largest production equipment for wood panel products in the industry. Cabinets, cabinets, table tops and also complete interior concepts are produced here to a large extent fully automatically and circularly, ”says Janwillem de Kam.

Co-director Bert Top likes to explain why Vepa considers enlargement necessary: ​​”The world has turned upside down, and from that perspective, the challenges we face seem almost irrelevant. But directly and indirectly, world uncertainty also affects our lives. and supply.The supply of raw materials is difficult, the prices of raw materials and energy are so far high, and we are becoming even more aware of the importance of short supply and production chains.We prefer to do this locally and sustainably.That we have done it in years can explain the huge growth in revenue and staff that we have experienced for several months in a row.We really did not expect that we are now at this point, despite 2 years with COVID-19. We can still offer many people good jobs at one of our locations. ”

More circular options

In addition, the investment is in line with Fair Furniture Group’s long – term vision. “We are working towards zero-waste factories. With this investment we are one step closer. Developing and producing with innovative circular raw materials is an increasingly important part of our production. Because we invest in our own factories in the Netherlands, the CO2 footprint per “product already low. With this investment, we increase the circular opportunities and reduce the CO2 footprint even more,” says Bert Top.

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