Best flight trackers for iPhone: spot planes

The best air trackers for your iPhone

Whether you are flying alone, want to track someone else’s flight or love flying: there are plenty of reasons to install a flight tracker on your iPhone. In this guide we list the best for you. Are you going on a trip yourself? Check out our list of the best flight information apps on iPhone and iPad

iCulture Advisor: Flightradar24

Flightradar24 is without a doubt the most popular flight tracker of all. The app is consistently high on the App Store rankings, especially around the holiday season. Flightradar24 is packed with all sorts of useful features such as Apple Watch support and has all the basic features on board. For a fee, you can upgrade to the premium version with even more options.

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Flightradar24 is consistently at the top of the App Store. With this flight tracker app you can go anywhere. In this guide, we list 6 features, such as comprehensive flight information, augmented reality, a 3D view, and more.

Not only can you track a flight by entering the flight number, but you can also point your iPhone’s camera up to see which plane is flying over at that moment. Once you have found an aircraft, it is even possible to see what the pilot is seeing in a Google Street View-like manner. In addition, the app contains information about airports, including departure times and possible delays. The Apple Watch app gives you quick information about the flights in your area.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

If you’re looking for a free alternative, try FlightAware. The app is completely free and you only pay a few euros to remove the ads. To use FlightAware Flight Tracker, you need to know the flight number, tail number or flight route of the aircraft you want to track. Push notifications keep you informed of departure times, cancellations and when the gate changes. You can also use ‘Close to me’ to see a map of flights near you. However, the planes do not move in real time and you have to update manually. FlightAware is just a bit slow, though the options are extensive for an app that you don’t have to pay for.

Fly Finder

Plane Finder does exactly what you would expect from an app with that name: Find Airplanes. On a map you will see countless planes flying, and if you choose one, you will see extensive information about it. Like Flightradar, you can also use your camera to spot planes flying overhead. Notifications allow you to select an aircraft, and the app will keep you informed when an aircraft is nearby or in the air.

Let’s say you have friends who fly to Rome and arrive at 16.25 this afternoon. Via the app, you can then keep an eye on the air traffic on the Amsterdam-Rome route and always follow where the plane is. You can even see almost real-time when the landing is underway as soon as the plane starts to drop in altitude. Plane Finder shows on a map which planes in a particular region orbit the sky. Tap it and you will see flight number, departure and destination, flight status, speed, altitude, direction, aircraft type and manufacturer and much more. You can request additional information for each aircraft, such as registration date, model and serial number, first flight and a technical drawing.

Plane Finder is useful for people who want to accompany family and friends on vacation, pick-ups and people who are just curious about air traffic. The really professional flight spotters can buy extra tickets, for example from the American aviation organization FAA (via in-app purchases). But you do not need it as a regular user.

Plane Finder displays 95% of all European flights in real time and tracks more than 12,000 flights simultaneously. The app reviews are purely positive, which more than offsets the slightly higher price.

App in the air

App in the Air is a flight app that tackles multiple things at once. You can use it to track flights, but the app is primarily intended if you actually need to fly yourself. After entering your flight, App in the Air does its best to make your journey as smooth as possible. For example, via a smart information screen you will first see your gate and once you have checked in you can see how long it takes before you land again. You can set this info screen to your liking with widgets such as a checklist for your luggage and a map on which you can see the plane go from point A to B. In the review of App in the Air we said the following about it:

“App in the Air scores well for providing information about your flight and the airport, but in practical terms the app falls short in relation to the airlines’ official apps. For example, there is no way to store a boarding pass in the app, so you still need another app (or a piece of paper) before you can board the plane. ”

Fly +

Flight + is a flight tracker for air travel, but it has more to offer. Flight + can display flights, but also flight information boards of arriving and departing flights per. airport and maps of the airports themselves. The app notifies you with push notifications about changes in scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, gate and terminal changes and other changes in flight status.

You will see a short weather forecast at each airport. The app is useful for travelers, but also for pick-ups that are notified when a particular flight is delayed. This app has a Dutch origin and has chosen an original design with airmail paper.

FlightHero Pro

A Russian app translated into Dutch and with a somewhat long and clumsy name in the App Store. Displays information from 16,500 airports, of which 4,200 with comprehensive flight status and weather information. This app is especially useful if you want to track the flights at a particular airport. You see the selected flight approaching the airport on the map, where many planes immediately show speed and altitude. The app also shows how recent the information is. You can view the map in normal, satellite or hybrid view.

FlightHero is especially suitable for people who want to track a specific flight (or a series of flights), not for people who want to see which planes are currently circling over Schiphol. You can always request a map of the current flight route per. flight, with an indication at the top of the screen of how much flight time has already elapsed. The app contains all kinds of filters, a color scheme for day and night and a favorite list of the 5 recently seen airports. You pay for synchronization with TripIt via an in-app purchase. But you do not need it if you just want to pick up travelers.

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More flight tracking apps

  • LiveATC Air Radio (€ 3.99, iPhone / iPad, iOS 12.0+) – Listen with messages from the control tower. Convenient if there is a delay and you would like to know what is happening.
  • Find my friends (free, iPhone / iPad / watch, iOS 10.0+) – Apple’s official app for finding friends. Focused on current location, not so much on planes. At least you can see if friends have already landed at the destination.
  • Flight Board: Flight information (free, iPhone / iPad, iOS 12.0+) – Tip from iCulture reader Rob: This app for departure and arrival times is similar to the airport. It’s actually not a flight tracker, but more an app to see arrival and departure times at the airport. We have a separate list for it: The best apps with flight information on your iPhone and iPad

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Best airport apps with departure and flight information on your iPhone and iPad

Have you planned a flight? With apps from this overview, you will find information about flights, departure times, flights and parking at Schiphol and other airports. Everything to make your stay at the airport as comfortable as possible.

Extras: flight information in iOS and macOS

Finally, we look at Apple’s own flight tracker, which has been standard since iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. You can see flight information as soon as you enter a flight number.

You can see the current flight status, the planned route and when the plane arrives. Flight status can be On time, Early, Delayed or Landed. If you want to know more precisely when the plane takes off and lands, you will find the exact times at the bottom of the screen.

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